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opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken

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The comic operas are known to offend some stuffy opera fans - which is one good reason to give them a try
When in September 1774 the King's Theatre advertised for subscriptions to their new season with Antonio Sacchini in charge of the music, Signor Lovattini was to be prirno buffo, or first man, in the comic opera.
Prokofiev also manages to also have splendid attacks on organised religion and capitalism, along the way, in what is rather unusual in comic opera - it is actually funny and makes you laugh
Pirates of Penzance Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera stars Tom Colwell and Lorayne McLucas at Kyleakin Hall on Skye.
The Royal Opera House Muscat's 2013-2014 season, which will begin in September with Rossini's comic opera, The Barber of Seville, will feature 81 performances by 42 different groups and conclude in May, 2014.
The beloved comic opera will be performed with an English translation, and the cast includes Robert Grady, Tara Alcorn, James Liu, Rebecca Ufema, Christine Petkus, Elisabeth Gondek, Lisa Woods, David Bonneau, Stanley Wilson, Elaine Crane, Arthur Comer, Jacob McDonald, Paige Crane, Brittany Stewart and Leah Ambrosino, as well as an ensemble.
To know the turn of events must watch An Old Man Turns Groom , a comic opera by Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti.
Illyria Theatre Company will be performing Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, set aboard a warship.
The topsy-turvy world of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera will be brought to colourful life in Wallington's grassed courtyard on Sunday afternoon by open-air theatre company Illyria.
He will attend a performance of the comic opera The Elixir of Love at Haddo House Hall, Aberdeenshire, on April 13.
The one-act comic opera (sung in English), despite its infamously flimsy libretto, still resonates with opera in-jokes and divas run wild.
Seven singers were responsible for a dazzling performance of Rossini's comic opera Barber of Seville, performed in English with total comedy impact.
Friedkin has worked with Domingo on several operas in the past, but this was Woody's debut, directing Gianni Schicci, Puccini's only comic opera.
Included among others are Piquillo (a three-act comic opera, with libretto by Nerval and Alexandre Dumas), L'Alchimiste (a Faust-themed, five-act drama in verse, another collaboration with Dumas), Leo Burckart (a five-act drama set in Germany, yet another collaboration with Dumas), Les Montenegrins (a three-act comic opera and Bohemian ghost story, with music by the little-known Belgian composer Limnander), Une Nuit blanche (an unpublished, one-act fantasy), Le Chariot d'enfant (an adaptation by Nerval and orientalist Joseph Mery of a 4th-century Indian melodrama), and L'Imagier de Harlem (a five-act drama about the invention of the printing press).
The final form of Smetana's comic opera The Two Widows, as in the case of The Bartered Bride, was not the direct result of the composer's critical perspective on his own word, but his reaction to responses from the musical public.