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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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Free Comic Book Day is a perfect occasion for those who are new to comic books or those who have been reading them for years to celebrate comics and discover new ones that debut to the public on the first Saturday in May," said Free Comic Book Day spokesperson Deborah Moreland.
Critique: Simply stated, the "American Comic Book Chronicles" is an outstanding history of the development of comic books and the comic book culture that they fostered.
The first Superman and Batman comic books are up for sale for $800,000 and $600,000 respectively at the Comic Con being held in Dubai.
AutoBio Comics is a team of comic book illustrators and animators.
Amanda Berry, an assistant professor of literature at American University, said that one reason behind this is that comic book movies consistently make a lot of money.
Sheyahshe's book is not a scholarly work, but a collection of the candid insights of one comic book enthusiast and his understanding and reaction to the representation of Native Americans in comics.
For over 30 years Tim worked for the world's most famous comic book companies as scriptwriter, editor and illustrator on everything from Beryl the Peril, Korky the Cat, Bunty, Desperate Dan, and the Bash Street Kids to Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.
The comic books are sold directly to churches, consumers, comic book stores, and Christian retail outlets.
Kefauver's subcommittee sought testimony from concerned parents and expert witnesses and eventually asked comic book publishers to tone down their content voluntarily.
I am writing to thank you for your wonderful recommendation of comic books in your EXECUTIVE EDITOR'S VIEW published in the May/June 2006 issue of Black Issues Book Review.
It survived because it didn't look like a comic book, so it wasn't a target--which didn't mean children weren't reading it.
Jack Kirby is a renowned comic book artist who with partner Stan Lee created some of the most beloved superheroes in comics, from the X-Men and Silver Surfer to the Incredible Hulk.
The Outsiders wear spandex uniforms and battle familiar comic book foes like The Joker.
Last January a movie based on my comic book series, American Splendor, won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.
SUPERMAN TURNS 65 THIS YEAR, BUT DON'T EXPECT him or the legion of comic book superheroes he inspired to retire anytime soon.