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Synonyms for comfy

affording pleasurable ease

Synonyms for comfy

providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief ('comfy' is informal)


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Getting COMFY distills Jordan's experiences, experimentation and goals into a practical and relatable guide that follows a collection of recommendations.
Despite the bargain price tag, it's durable, has comfy, padded straps and an internal compartment for laptops.
Comfy will bring the Internet of Things to people's workplace helping increase their productivity, health and satisfaction, said Building Robotics chief executive Andrew Krioukov.
He asserted that these shoes were comfy without compromising on looks.
It contrasts with other lighting and makes this space more comfy.
Fifteen years on, I'm pleased to say that not a single item of comfy indoors footwear has dared enter our house.
They're comfy and incredibly loud but barely audible to people nearby, even at top volumes.
From his comments in his otherwise excellent review of the Solent Sky Museum, I can only assume that Lee Hibbert is too young to have flown in anything other than a turbine-powered airliner, as he would not have commented about sitting in the comfy seats and imagining the massive turboprops propelling him across the sea (PE 19 May).
Rover 75 Very comfy, classy and great value - almost the perfect used car.
I filled IFR with a route of FST V222 JCT V198 COMFY direct.
Choose from uber-comfy playsuits - these hassle-free outfits mean you can just throw them on with a pair of comfy gladiator sandals to look ultra cool.
For women this means everything from baggy trousers and comfy vests to loose yet feminine and pretty dresses and skirts.
I WOULD like to thank A W, a driver of Comfy Bus 192, for returning my mobile phone, which I had lost.
Comfy Cuisine has registered its pasta dough formula with the US Patent office.
today released the four models in its COMFY series of mousepads and wrist rests.