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leaves make a popular tisane

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John's Wort, blue hyssop, bay wee, lavender, motherwort, lobelia, horehound, lemon balm, mint, beebalm, catnip, Russian sage, parsley, balloon flower, jie geng, garden sage, soapwort, JingJie/Japanese Catnip, skullcap, betony, stevia, comfrey, feverfew, tansy, thyme, coltsfoot, valerian, mullein, vervain, culver's root, passionflower vine, oregano, mallow, rue, rosemary, violet.
Greer would treat them by chopping up comfrey foliage and adding it to their feed bucket and noted this a long-standing practice of good husbandry in England.
Russian comfrey leaves also make an excellent mulch.
Plant comfrey root pieces three feet apart, each way, and forget about them until harvest time.
I like to add comfrey to any salve used for wounds, cuts and burns.
Comfrey is very easily cultivated, is a hardy perennial (zone 3), and generally will survive the first few light frosts, when other plants have been killed.
Comfrey, symphytum species, has long been used to provide a well-balanced liquid feed for organic growers by cutting back foliage laden stems in summer and steeping them in water for a week or two.
To soothe his skin, try using creams containing hemp seed oil, comfrey or chickweed.
World Cup fever's here - and did you know plants like marigolds and herbs like comfrey can cure soccer injuries?
Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Justice and Peace: pounds 88,903; Tyneside Cinema: pounds 500,000; The Tyneside Economic Development Committee: pounds 30,000; Persepolis Young Group: pounds 27,300; Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services: pounds 116,184; Coquet Trust: pounds 90,382; Gateshead Citizens' Advice Bureau: pounds 93,441; Washington Church of Christ: pounds 60,000; Pennywell Neighbourhood Centre: pounds 40,000; Brunswick Young People's Project: pounds 90,000; Sakoba Dance Company: pounds 150,000; City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy Ltd: pounds 75,000; The People's Kitchen: pounds 150,000; The Comfrey Project: pounds 65,604.
Application ref: M/FP/0392/12/P Address: 26 Comfrey, Coulby Newham Proposal: Extension of residential curtilage and erection of 1.
She is also trying to help herself by eating comfrey, which grows in the garden of her home and is valued by herbalists as a bone-healing agent.
Start by using the herb comfrey every morning after washing.
MR BROCKLEBANK'S impressively energetic valet Comfrey has requested permission to enter the Liverpool Half Marathon.