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Synonyms for comfortingly

in a comforting or consoling manner


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CLAIR DE LUNE MARSHMALLOW NOAH POD THIS beautiful grey wicker Moses basket creates a comfortingly cocooned sleeping space for your Suitable from birth, it has two handles as well as a comfortable mattress.
mostly" declares an opening title card, raising the curtain on a comfortingly warm and cosy script by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot), who has adapted the book of the same title by Shrabani Basu.
It's not really the prices that ensure 80 percent of your co-shoppers at Whole Foods are, comfortingly, also college grads; it's the cultural codes.
Today, everyone's viewing habits focus on the comfortingly familiar.
It's a question that keeps coming back to you, as you turn the pages, comfortingly reassuring in the notion that you are always evolving, no matter your age or how much darkness you have had to face in your journey.
There is something comfortingly familiar and predictable about "On Your Feet
Miranda, BBC1, 8pm Miranda Hart brings down the curtain on her much-loved sitcom with a comfortingly familiar farewell plotline as the 6ft 1in star of the show tires of everyone calling her "Sir".
It was sweet, yet not sickly, with the salty caramel and creamy ice-cream creating a comfortingly smooth ending to the extravaganza.
There above the entrance to the monastery was the pigeon house with Arabic numerals painted beside its entrance, a comfortingly stable feature when these days everything around us seems to be in flux.
Like a trusted 3 iron or your favourite plus-fours, Mario Golf is comfortingly familiar.
Comfortingly though, 68 percent of parents recognise the importance of sharing family histories with the younger generation.
Here's a taste that's excitingly different yet comfortingly familiar," says Celestial Seasonings blend master Charlie Baden.
Thanks to their simple forms and materials, Djordjadze's sculptures evoke a comfortingly familiar cohabitation with the viewer, yet her discourse is complex, calling on the subtleties of space, domestic or otherwise, and the influence it has on our wants and the needs of the creative process.
More comfortingly, the call for full disclosure of documents relating to the Hillsborough Disaster achieved the 100,000 target for a debate in Parliament with some ease.