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Synonyms for comfortingly

in a comforting or consoling manner


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Interestingly, and perhaps somewhat comfortingly, the Christmas Day would-be bomber could have easily been stopped if existing intelligence had been used more effectively.
ONE of the region's best known soft drinks firms is expanding its business and its range of pop with comfortingly old fashioned flavours.
Where you buy asparagus in December is anyone's guess, but the dish sounded comfortingly creamy.
If, on the other hand, you are after something comfortingly familiar, try this formulaic but nonetheless sweet rom-com.
It's comfortingly docile in flavour, and keeps a foamy head to the last dreg.
These are things that help create our country's unique identity, comfortingly recognisable, soothingly enjoyable.
Clearly moved by the plight of its seriously ill residents, many of whom are not expected to live past 20, she held hands and spoke comfortingly to parents whose children are receiving respite care at the specialist centre.
The expensive leather upholstery hugs the figure comfortingly and the whole interior is a fine example of the famous Audi build quality.
But, comfortingly, they are soft-skinned and, "capable of being killed reliably with the correct ammunition".
It has some of the most tranquil areas but is comfortingly close to sprawling metropolises, just to remind you that there are humans around after all.
Eavesdroppers and voyeurs that we humans are, tuning in to ``Hard Copy'' and snatching tabloids from the stands, many of us delude ourselves into believing our own lives remain private - especially when we divulge our secrets into something that looks comfortingly like a telephone.
Thousands of students are getting settled at college, preparing themselves to gain a few extra pounds from cafeteria overload, pull a few "all-nighters" writing papers and, of course, mess up those welcoming dorm rooms until they're comfortingly slovenly.
There is something comfortingly conventional at the very core of Fifty Shades.
Syd, a charming and energetic 88-year-old from Kendal and a well-known veteran of the local music scene, plays each Saturday night in the hotel, providing a comfortingly retro backdrop to the dining experience.
The Sun and Venus are sitting comfortingly at the top of your chart and with Mercury adding support, you'll find a bonus of some kind is a cosmic certainty.