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Synonyms for comfortableness

a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain

a feeling of being at ease in a relationship

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The approach taken in this course's virtual classroom provides ample time for each student to develop comfortableness and to engage.
Salma Al-Qahtani, a young woman, believes that being in public parks is equated with comfortableness for individuals and families who are able to bring their desired food with them.
The second function mainly corresponded to comfortableness toward e-tailers, expenditure on Internet shopping, personalization, and number of searched e-tailer websites.
Such practice does not resound with pedagogies designed to empower children (Fleet, 2006; New & Cochran, 2007) and allow for freedom of expression and comfortableness (UNICEF 2013).
Described as fresh, with amazing content and extreme confidence and comfortableness in its environment, is nonetheless is still trying to compete with the US competing over themes of power, slitting throats and smoking.
Self-concept has two indexes, self-esteem and shyness, which indicate how much people believe in themselves in terms of their sense of personal value and comfortableness with others (Cheek & Buss, 1981).
continue to be more supportive of same-sex parenting than legal recognition of same-sex relationships or comfortableness with same-sex sexual behavior," said Gates.
It is the showcase of business concept and work style which Toshiba aims to realize - saving energy, comfortableness, and counter-measure against any disaster.
Ovum's research goes on to suggest that vendor selection should revolve around compatibility with existing IT architectures and databases, ability to articulate a cogent solution to a defined marketing operations challenge, and the comfortableness of forming a long-term potentially highly intimate relationship with the vendor.
Similarly, the student with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder addressed the general comfortableness associated with ones identity and taking it for granted:
Even a relatively standardized hotel, with a simple structure, may have four types of rooms (apartments, double rooms, with two beds or singles), and three categories of comfortableness (low, medium and high), this giving a total of 12 combinations (low comfort apartments, medium comfort apartments etc.
Hotels and tourism facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain made all the necessary preparations as F1 approaches in order to attract visitors to Bahrain and provide them with all comfortableness and the most optimum services.
In addition, the results of the study support the results of the previous studies (Hall, 2009) that the trial-and-error learning approach helps learners enhance their activeness and comfortableness in practicing English conversation.
There is another dimension of the debate carried out in the previous sub-section that pertains to the consistent comfortableness with religiously-understood differences between men and women by the women of the JI.