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Synonyms for comfortableness

a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain

a feeling of being at ease in a relationship

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Table 4: Nurses' exposure to CSDs and their perceptions regarding seriousness and comfortableness in handling it (n=111) Description Results According to the Department Health conditions of Health (Government Gazette 17910, 1997:23-24) the fol- TB 13 lowing health issues should HIV 13 receive the highest priority: Chronic 13 namely tuberculosis (TB), Traunic 11 HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases II 11 (e.
I think our attitudes to babies have changed a lot since then but, with age, comes a calmness and a comfortableness in yourownskin that makes you not worry about being looked at.
The transport ministry has decided to begin evaluating how accessible highway rest stops are for disabled and elderly people, as well as comfortableness for drivers, ministry officials said Monday.
What made it especially galling for those whose fathers had lifted his brood into suburban comfortableness, was that this very act had condemned them to a life of extended spinsterhood.
We're especially proud to have filled the gap between extreme outdoor clothing and lack of comfortableness.
The comfortableness, blandness and lack of flair carried over into some of the entrees.
For example, marker 4 labelled 'comfortable questioning' (defined as freedom and/or comfortableness to question and examine one's beliefs) is an attitudinal position that might find expression in Beck's attributes of less anxiety about angering God if one discusses "new, potentially radical, theological ideas" (Beck, 2006, p.
The main thing is comfortableness, the second thing is comfortableness, and the third thing is the garment which we are giving should be easy to wear.
His chapters progress through certain characteristics that Christian faith should bring: freedom, happiness, courage, comfortableness in our bodies.
For example, Eagles' Wings, an Exodus affiliate in Minnesota, defines healing as "a dynamic, living thing which includes an ongoing sense of belonging to one's own gender, comfortableness with same-sex heterosexual people, and the ability to have relationships with them that are nor emotionally dependent.
Many businesses find themselves captured by the comfortableness of their in-house software, unable to break a reliance on long-standing applications that come at a significant cost: Aging hardware, static functionality barely keeping pace with changing needs, expensive licensing fees that are now fixtures in annual budgets and continuing investment in technology hardware that is now outdated.
The new spot boldly embodies the "Whatever's Comfortable" attitude and is a continuation of the campaign launched in August, 2012 with the award winning "Beach," which featured a majestic man owning his self comfortableness as he casually walks down the beach.
When you know all the parents on your child's sports team, or can readily contact their teacher, the superintendent of schools or the police chief in one call, there might grow a certain comfortableness that makes it easy to forget to lock up when getting out of the car after a long day.
The comfortableness of facilities and services in the relaxation area.
The tensile strength quantifies how well the foam performs under elongation, while the hardness strongly affects the feel of comfortableness of the foam, and therefore, are also evaluated as responses of the DOE.