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a woman forced into prostitution for Japanese servicemen during World War II

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Candid passages and descriptions are eye-opening and revealing: "I had become an ianfu--a comfort woman.
It is in these related incidents that the comfort woman case often resurfaces, riding the social waves of other current headlines such as revisionist history or related women's issues.
Comfort Woman does not believe in unpaid kindnesses.
Finally in 1994, Kim Kak Soon became the first Korean to speak publicly about being a comfort woman.
Listening to Comfort Woman is tantamount to lying in a fleshy, ganja-induced haze.
Successive Japanese prime ministers have apologized in connection with the comfort woman issue.
The film, which has not been shown in Japan except for one occasion at the Tokyo Women's International War Crimes Tribunal in 2000, opens with an interview with the late Kim Hak Soon, the first comfort woman to become a public witness in August 1991 following the Japanese government's denial about their existence.
Lee Young Soo, a former comfort woman, said, ''I will never accept the money from the women's fund unless the Japanese prime minister directly apologizes to us by dropping on the knee.
The Japanese government has ignored desperate appeals of the victimized women for 20 years'' since one victim came forward as a former comfort woman in 1991, said the petition, adopted at a public gathering at the Diet members building in Tokyo, which drew around 100 people, including several parliamentarians.
I pray the comfort women would not die yet,'' one 79-year-old comfort woman said.
One of the 10, Ha Sun Nyo, a former comfort woman, died in May 2000.
Representatives from the Friends of Comfort Women in Australia and former comfort woman Jan Ruff O'Hearne will meet with politicians in Canberra on Aug.
Datuin said the exhibition is also dedicated to the memory of 78-year-old Tomasa Salinog, a comfort woman from Antique Province, who died on April 6, a week after she wrote a petition letter to Abe asking for justice before she dies.