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After five months in a comfort station, Lin Yajin was ill.
The song of the blind men ran "If my eyes could see I would know what you look like," while the song dedicated to life in the comfort station went something like "My body is like a rotting pumpkin left out in summer.
In 1938 he was told by the military to set up a comfort station in the Anching area (located in the region between Shanghai and Nanjing), which he did.
The Boston Parks and Recreation Commission is set to ask legislators to lease long term the "Pink Palace," a gothic-looking former comfort station near the tennis courts on Boston Common, and the "Duck House," a rodent-dwelling lavatory on the Muddy River in the Back Bay Fens that's been shuttered for 24 years.
Finally, two pavilions will provide family gathering areas, seating, a comfort station and a venue for events such as concerts or puppet shows.
Wahine Builders is the primary subcontractor and construction manager for the West Loch Golf Course Comfort Station and the Mililani Mauka Community Park Comfort Station.
seeming to single out the beach in front of the Miramar as their own private comfort station.
Another memorial site is A Place of Experience, which includes a reproduction of a comfort station.
The Filipinas in their long skirts hung handmade quilts on a long wall of the NGO Forum site: cut-out felt, bits of cloth, colored thread transformed into soldiers, the layout of a comfort station, a village bombed.
Tenders are invited for kochi municipal corporation womens friendly toilet in mattanchery comfort station in div.
There is now a museum in a portacabin outside the fort, a walkway passing through some of the areas that have been excavated, a food and beverage outlet and a comfort station.
The one-acre playground will also feature a "green" comfort station with a green roof and vegetal walls.
No loafing around here; it takes 10 minutes to clean and replace a comfort station, he said.
Tenders are invited for construction of a public comfort station at municipal private bus stand in attingal municipality-retender
She said the logistical support and medical checkup required for the comfort station system (the brothels for the Japanese soldiers) were not present in the Philippine experience.