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  • adj

Synonyms for comfy

affording pleasurable ease

Synonyms for comfy

providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief ('comfy' is informal)


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The highway drive is ideal for checking out the car, but it isn't the comfiest hour of my life.
The cool climate means we can dress in our comfiest jumpers and softest socks, a part of the Christmas season I always look forward too
Suddenly, even your comfiest cardi is worthy of a big bash.
Enjoy the comfiest bed in the world with white goose down pillows, revel in unrivaled views of the Manila Bay while dining at the stylish outdoor living area, and enjoy watching movies or listening to your favorite music using the Imperial Suite's state-of-the-art entertainment systems.
Their architecture makes them undoubtedly one of the comfiest styles of the season.
The comfiest shoes on the planet may be the new ballet flats by OKA b ($45).
It's one of the comfiest ways to define something that is virtually impossible to define.
After dinner in the hotel's top-notch Julian Serrano restaurant and after sleeping in probably one of the comfiest beds I've ever been in, we were taken back to the airport in the morning for another first for me - a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.
Already not quiet in the comfiest seats of the waiting room for the EU, given that it quite often hears insistent messages about apparently elusive war criminals and an ineffectual battle against organised crime and corruption, Belgrade found itself on the receiving end of a succession of mighty messages, some in person, some not.
features fresh cookies in the lobby, complimentary breakfast delivered to your room, and truly the comfiest beds in existence.
has been gutted and redone with wood floors, soothing earth tones and the comfiest of couches.
Some customers say they're the comfiest knickers they've ever worn," she added.
On the following pages, some of the things you might want for your bedroom, ranging from the coziest, comfiest bed quilts to the most high-tech bedside audio systems, plus on pages 102 and 103, the Classics, the things you really need for the room.
Our arboreal ancestors were probably pleased to run into others of their own kind only at mating time; otherwise, they regarded each other as competitors for the nicest berries and comfiest nesting spots.
We all just want to get home, close the door to the world, nestle down in our comfiest chair in front of our home entertainment center, send out for food, and close out the world.