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of or relating to or resembling a comet


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The observed cometary X-ray emission was much stronger than could be explained by direct reflection of solar X-rays.
Another meteor storm, this one associated with a swath of cometary debris known as the Perseids, is credited with taking a satellite out of commission in 1993 (SN: 10/2/93, p.
For some people, this makes comets more interesting, but for me it also means that some of the pristine record we have always touted as being within cometary nuclei may have been lost.
346), indicate that certain cometary ices remain unchanged from their composition in the interstellar cloud that gave birth to the solar system.
Their detour into cometary physics was purely accidental, they said.
Commonly known as van den Bergh 142 (vdB 142), the Elephant's Trunk is a dark cometary globule on the western edge of IC 1396, the nearly 3[degrees]-wide emission nebula associated with the open star cluster Trumpler 37.
In mathematical terms, notes Levison, the cometary parade proceeds because of the special balance of a quantity that approximates the total energy of a comet and the planet nearest it.
According to their calculations, cometary grains dive into Earth's atmosphere at entry speeds low enough for them to survive, reach the ground, and be picked up later by a curious micro-meteorite hunter.
These passages of [S-W 3's] fragments past the Earth offer astronomers an excellent opportunity to examine the cometary breakup process," says Donald K.
The researchers report in the May 31 Science that they detected it at a high concentration, roughly half that of a more familiar cometary constituent, methane.
7 million years after the formation of the oldest solar system solids, which is the first constraint on the age of cometary material from a known comet.
But new findings reported at a May meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Baltimore suggest that distinguishing cometary material from Jovian isn't a hopeless task.
Washington, January 25 (ANI): Scientists at the Southwest Research Institute, US, have determined that differences in the number and speed of cometary impacts onto Jupiter's large moons Ganymede and Callisto some 3.
In January 2004 Stardust reached its prime target, Comet 81P/Wild 2, and collected cometary particles on the back side of its aerogel samplers.
Rickman, a researcher who worked on the camera system for the Rosetta space probe, introduces cometary science from the perspective of origins and evolution, and describes the physical and chemical properties of different types of comets.