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of or relating to or resembling a comet


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Each time this happens, there will be an additional gravitational stirring within the circumsolar cometary halo, and a further flurry of comets will be sent into the inner solar system.
In fact, it is still fully operational after being put through the ordeal of two close cometary encounters.
The ripples also give scientists clues to the size of the clouds of cometary debris that hit the rings.
The European Space Agency's cometary probe, Rosetta, currently orbiting comet 67p, has recently discovered the presence of water on the comet.
During the next few weeks we can witness a unique series of cometary events from our observing platform on Planet Earth as ISON swings round the Sun.
He said that they got the same results looking at a very small fragment as we did a much larger fragment from the same meteorite, and that these techniques allow them to investigate other small-scale extraterrestrial materials like micrometeorites, interplanetary dust particles, and cometary particles in future studies.
The team demonstrated the technique with natural samples, including a sample from the Murchison meteorite and a cometary dust grain (Iris) from NASA's Stardust mission.
Launched earlier this year, Stardust will collect and bring cometary dust back to Earth for detailed study.
Prof Wickramasinghe said: 'We have argued for more than two decades that terrestrial life was brought down to Earth by comets, and that cometary material containing microorganisms must still be reaching us in large quantities.
It will take months before the data is completely analyzed; "The last twenty-four hours of the impactor's life should provide the most spectacular data in the history of cometary science," comments Michael A'Hearn principal investigator for Deep Impact.
An artist''s impression of HD 209458bm, a cometary planet in a distant solar system discovered by Hubble Space Telescope scientists
Recent studies have shown that the history of our civilisation may have been littered with episodes of cometary missile impacts, and these events may have played a defining role in the evolution of myths and religious beliefs.
I'm calling on the government to take seriously the prospect of asteroid or cometary impact with the Earth.
Other subjects are extragalactic globular clusters, evolution in galaxy clusters, dynamics and evolution of dense stellar systems, extragalactic binaries, formation of cometary material, and atomic data for X-ray astronomy.