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Synonyms for comestible

Synonyms for comestible

any substance that can be used as food

suitable for use as food

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The importance of checking a few words of comestibles in Shahnama is an opportunity to show that Ferdowsi has poured his poetic work into the most rhythmic and most artistic framework.
The Island Cheese Company and Uncle Roy's Comestible Concoctions have both won accreditation from the Safe and Local Supplier Approval (Salsa) scheme, developed jointly by the NFU, BRC and FDF.
Though wheat bread was considered a Spanish comestible and chicha an indigenous good, they shed these ethnic associations to become colonial comestibles eaten and drunk by all, making up the lion's share of the market's profits in food and drink.
Products covered include (but are not restricted to) clothing, medicines, agricultural and horticultural products, DIY equipment, comestible goods, household products and motor vehicles.
Tras una decada de precios estables, la inflacion ha subido el 23% este ano, Productos esenciales coma el aceite comestible y la harina cuestan tres veces mas.
Clearly, of course, even given her complex theories about energy transfers, we will no doubt want to understand Weil's notion of "becoming comestible for the afflicted" as metaphorical to the extent that what Well has in mind is not a direct, physical rending, mastication, and absorption of one human body by another.
I see myself as something of a connoisseur of the crusty comestible and must confess to not always stopping at just the one.
Dans une declaration a la presse apres la reunion, le wali a dit que son Etat a mis en place un certain nombre de projets menant a la fourniture de 3,4 millions de tonnes de nourriture dans les domaines de la viande, de l'huile comestible, des legumes, des fruits et de sucre.
Le paradoxe est d'autant plus frappant lorsqu'on sait que l'Egypte est invraisemblablement d'un organe cense soumettre a la loupe tout produit comestible sur le marche.
Likewise, seasonal cycles are redistributed within the artificial climate of the refrigerator, where foods from different locales meet foods from different pages of the calendar and blend into a comestible pastorale when the refrigerator door is swung open and the question "What's for dinner?
Gonzo's All-Natural Mega-Spicy Comestible Emporium, 122 Main St.
Deadly prepare sugar-cane juice is the other comestible identified by the Doctors as dangerous if its prepared unhygienicly and Sugar-cane juice is healthy if prepared in hygienic conditions.
Along with a good Cheddar cheese, Melton Mowbray pork pie or Highland whisky, the British apple is more than just a tasty comestible - it's a lasting symbol of the United Kingdom that is being eroded by pale imitations from abroad.