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Michael and his family decide to sail the world in a yacht and the youngster's nightmare of losing his parents comes true when he falls overboard.
In ``The Picture of Dorian Gray,'' a handsome man's wish comes true when his portrait ages while he remains youthful.
THE baby son of Hollywood heart-throb Richard Gere could net pounds 70,000 if a prediction of him winning an Oscar comes true.
In April, the wish of thousands of Sonic fans comes true when Sonic debuts a new Diet Cherry Limeade on drive-in menu boards across the country.
AN ERDINGTON student had his dream comes true when he interviewed Walsall skipper Chris Westwood and had it broadcast around the world.
The near-comatose Jazz, last seen 10 days ago, can thank the listless Lakers if it comes true again this year.
What's needed is a playoff, but until that fantasy comes true, college football could do worse than to trust the BCS computer.
And all of you will have the happiest, most fulfilling of years - a prediction we sincerely hope comes true.
I'm going to tell her I hope her wish comes true and to be happy with herself.
A GRAN -TO-BE stands to scoop pounds 1,000 if a psychic's prediction that her daughter will give birth to a boy on May 17 comes true.
But that does not make it any easier for communities like Isle of Whithorn to bear when its worst nightmare comes true.
IF IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY today, you will have a lucky opportunity, maybe to step into another's shoes for a time around June/July, when a wish comes true.
Golden Opportunity Comes True for Powerboat Champions (BW1 20:37)
Instead, they encourage residents to be ready - in case the prediction of 82-year-old UCLA seismologist Vladimir Keilis-Borok comes true.