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the competitor who finishes second

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Known for his blood-and-thunder style of play, the 29-year-old rarely comes off second best in a one-on-one confrontation.
On past head-to-heads, Tergat clearly comes off second best - in 25 races between the two men who have dominated distance running in the past two decades, Tergat has won just three times.
Harbour Pilot is an old sparring partner of Beef Or Salmon, although he often comes off second best, having finished behind his rival three times out of five.
Ranger ' s' A LITTLE NASTY Rangers' Andy Little comes off second best in an accidental clash with Dunfermline's Alex Whittle and, above, is stretchered off
This week''s heat she's sharing the kitchen with comedian Les Dennis, cricketer Matthew Hoggard and boxer Joe Calzaghe, who may be undefeated in the ring, but comes off second best tonight after a knife fight with a dead squid.
But as much as he protests, he always comes off second best in the long run.
Recalling George A Romero's Martin by way of The Catcher In The Rye, a sturdy lead performance comes off second best to a wilfully-weird plot that frequently stretches credibility.
10 Newton Abbot) A thoroughly genuine mare who rarely comes off second best when it comes to a fight.
Because when cars and pedestrians 'mingle', it's usually the pedestrian who comes off second best.