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Yakubu's work rate sporadically comes into question, but one thing that can rarely be questioned is his finishing ability.
Singh, whose government has been under all-round attack, cautioned against creating an atmosphere in which the country's progress comes into question.
Sometimes I don't know whether my personality of actually enjoying a game of football comes into question.
CALL MY ARIES LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0721 WHAT you wanted to do with your career comes into question this week.
I know his age comes into question but he played in the reserve game this week and did very well.
For me, cinema is Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Rocky - films that while ridiculous in premise deliver enough absolute thrill and beating heart that suspension of disbelief never comes into question.
Which is where the validity of the survey comes into question.
Matchup: The power play (or lack of) comes into question again.