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Synonyms for comeliness

conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance

Synonyms for comeliness

the quality of being good looking and attractive

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His figure was somewhat slight, but manly and well formed; and, apart from all the grace of youth and comeliness, there was an emanation from the warm young heart in his look and bearing which kept the old man down.
For instance, if you want to install one of the long free-float handguards so deservedly popular today, just lop the sight portion, swivel and bayonet lug off of the gas block portion with the saw, grind away excess material, and file it to comeliness and you've got an extraordinarily strong, low-profile, pinned-in-place steel gas block.
An unspun wheel they'd be Netsanet City soon faded, place one with comeliness up in smoke.
In Macaulay's view, the poet laureate and retrograde intellectual Southey upholds an ideal of agrarian bounty and comeliness that never in fact existed, and that even if it had existed would not have been half as conducive to the general well-being as "the manufacturing system.
The increasing interest in the Renaissance in the heroic proportions and comeliness of the male body frequently resulted in a tension between the ostensibly devotional or pious characteristics of the work and the erotic or homoerotic effect.
How such comeliness or lightsomeness or grace were actually perceived and experienced is less clear.
The comeliness of the dancing hands is specific of the Japanese.
Put on the comeliness of thy glory, which shall be on thy head as a diadem from the Everlasting
The houses will fall in and the villages which live from the farms will disappear, and all the comeliness that is will be gone, and the future of other such communities seems to me a very high price to pay for a war of freedom," she wrote.
And there came to him the little daughter of the Woodcutter and she put her hand upon his shoulder and said `What doth it matter if thou hast lost thy comeliness Stay with us I will not mock at thee'
We are confronted simultaneously with both the [form or shape, of, in this case Murdoch's writing about Christ in these novels] and that which shines forth from the [form], the comeliness, making it into a worthy, a love-worthy thing.
True comeliness, which nothing can impair, Dwells in the mind: all else is vanity and glare.
Back on the beach, tricked out in figure-flattering neoprene and carrying a large piece of broken pottery in each hand, Putin was scrummed by reporters, whose presence in this remote location and comeliness in light summer clothes became part of the video record: this was pure pseudo-event.
In this bucolic passage, Wittig emphasizes that it is the woman's martial sacrifice that matters more than her beauty by circumventing any mention of the character's comeliness.
Similarly, Calvin warned that "This excess Ambrose censured gravely, but not undeservedly, when he described the man who shows no modesty or comeliness in conjugal intercourse, as committing adultery with his wife" (8.