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a female actor in a comedy

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a female comedian

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SHE'S the comedienne who worries if her "bum looks big in this" whether she's wearing sensible slacks or an aircraft hangar.
J'ai appris cette triste nouvelle de la part de la comedienne Sonia.
At next July's ceremony, she will be joined by Peter Bullivan,t of Hill Dickinson lawyers, Sir Philip Craven, five-time Paralympian and President of the Inter national Paralympic Committee, and Birkenhead comedienne Pauline Daniels.
Now the mantle of immortalising Hylda passes to Liverpool comedienne Pauline Daniels (pictured).
La comedienne Nesrine Belhadj semble tres engagee et affectee par les sujets qui touchent la societe, notamment la mendicite et la situation des marginaux.
Comedienne |Dawn French Braving it tonight is Dawn French, currently starring in her one-woman show 30 Million Minutes, who will also want to talk about her new novel According to Yes.
Actualites Eecrit par Mohamed Nait Youssef L'artiste Loubna Fasiki tire sa reverence La comedienne et artiste Loubna Fasiki n'est plus.
BIRTHDAYS: David Blunkett, former politician, 68; Sandra Bernhard, comedienne and actress, 60; Bjorn Borg, former tennis player, 58; Mike Gatting, former cricketer, 57; Josie Lawrence, comedienne and actress, 55; Steve Vai, rock guitarist, 54; Jason Isaacs, actor, 51
The comedienne, who died last year at 81, posthumously won a Grammy Award on Sunday for best spoken word album for her 2014 album Diary Of A Mad Diva.
The series has been wildy successful, prompting Venetian officials (and several media outlets) to call 2014 "The Year of the Female Comedienne.
It has been speculated for some time now that Kathy Griffin is set to replace the legendary comedienne on "Fashion Police.
A COMEDIENNE is hoping her real-life experiences will scoop her first place at a top competition.
BIRTHDAYS: Billie Whitelaw, actress, 81; David Blunkett (pictured), politician, 66; Sandra Bernhard, comedienne and actress, 58; Bjorn Borg, former tennis player, 57; Mike Gatting, former cricketer, 56; Josie Lawrence, comedienne and actress, 54; Steve Vai, rock guitarist, 53; Jason Isaacs, actor, 50.
COMEDIENNE and actress r Crissy Rock at Mo*nique's, ' doing her stand-up show and then joining in the party r aft f erw r ards.
Five famous faces, many of whom had previous phobias of water, tried their hand at a variety of dives in front of two professional diving coaches - and comedienne Jo Brand.