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intended to excite laughter or amusement

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From Naranjito - the footballing orange who appeared at the Spain World Cup of 1982 - to Berlino, a seven-foot bear who was the undoubted star of last year's World Athletics Championships in Berlin, I have loved every one of them and their comedically oversized heads.
It's very easy territory for me to occupy comedically, because I'm allowed to use a lot of my personal history, and it's kind of a battle, hedonistic and decadent - and sort of fun.
In one episode aired in October, Pedrad comedically portrayed President Ahmadi-nejad's wife in a mock interview news sketch.
From every perspective -- visually, thematically and comedically -- the world of Spore provides the potential to put something truly original on the screen," Wedge was quoted as saying.
The pint-sized crowd-puller comedically bends and contorts her body - and even squeezes herself into a tiny 15-inch perspex box.
Maybe I have a really bad optometrist who's fitted me with a bad pair of glasses and I see things comedically.
For the most part they demonstrate, via contrast, just how comedically talented Nelson and his professional riflers are.
The hour-long festival and theatre-style shows in which people have that much more chance to extend themselves comedically than they do in your standard 20-minute or 30-minute club or pub gig format.
Save Me was originally based on a more satirical script written by Craig Chester (Adam & Steve), but even reimagined as a drama, the film's treatment of gay and religious issues seems comedically black-and-white.
Comedically, his a-rhythmic windmilling arms were hilarious.
Meryl Streep, center, holds her own, musically and comedically, against Julie Walters, left, and Christine Baranksi in "Mamma Mia
They had caught the essence--it was satirically and comedically right.
And yet, the office possessed some bifurcated criteria because if a sexual topic was addressed comedically, via farce for example, it was more likely to be approved than a play that addressed the issue seriously.
In classic battle-of-the-sexes style, the ensuing courtroom drama engages husband and wife, comedically at times, in an incendiary conflict pitting the sacrosanct force of the law identified with the male, on the one hand, and the mitigating feeling for hearth and home identified with the female, on the other--a conflict, indeed, which puts the Bonners's very own marriage on the line.
Reputations are not shattered but preserved, because Powder, the comedically tactful butler, is astute enough to invent a burglar as the perpetrator of the dastardly crime.