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Synonyms for comedic

intended to excite laughter or amusement

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Baby Bae' Baste would have rated higher as a comedic find, but was bogged down by his slow delivery.
Conan O'Brien and James Corden were among the nominees for favorite comedic collaboration.
The study revealed that 52 percent of African-American officer depictions portrayed the officer serving as comedic entertainment.
He'll be filming a new special on October 1st at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, proving that Ralphie's relatable comedic genius is in higher demand than ever.
During the comedic elements we come across some unusual characters, not least the eccentric rock god Autolycus (Tony Bell), who has the audience in uproarious laughter with his singing sheep-backed musical excerpts.
As they may not be best known for their comedic turns, Danny explained their casting.
Courtney is on top comedic form as recently divorced Jules, a single mother in her forties, who finds herself back on the singles market faced with the honest truths about dating in a youth and beauty obsessed culture.
There are so many gay equestrians, I'm shocked there isn't more crossover into the comedic world.
It is their job to perpetuate the memory of the venerable comedic actor, whose career spanned four decades and more than 100 movies, and to disburse the $5 million left in the Oakie estate after his widow, Victoria, died at 91 in 2003.
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear" is designed as a 'flip book' with one side (Perfectly Clear) featuring comedic work while the reverse side (Let Us Be) offers stories which are decidedly morose.
I'm hoping people will see the comedic element, but more importantly, that maybe you can have fun at a symphony concert.
The host and subject of the comedic game show Win Ben Stein's Money has been writing about finance for Barron's and The Wall Street Journal for decades, and has written three self-help books about personal finances.
Reviewing her life and philosophy, The Story Of A Soul gently tells of Therese's slightly comedic, quite intelligent and always charming devotion to her church and God.
Mockey's Revinge is very highly recommended for its clever and interesting depiction of a young woman's comedic perspective.
Vegas is up against the Early Doors cast, Shameless star David Thelfall and Steve Edge, from the show I'm With Stupid, in the best comedic performance on film and TV category.