come upon

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The clamour of our excitement had died out, and our living ship, famous for never losing steerage way as long as there was air enough to float a feather, stole, without a ripple, silent and white as a ghost, towards her mutilated and wounded sister, come upon at the point of death in the sunlit haze of a calm day at sea.
The goatherd descended, and reaching the place where Don Quixote stood, he said, "I will wager you are looking at that hack mule that lies dead in the hollow there, and, faith, it has been lying there now these six months; tell me, have you come upon its master about here?
We have come upon nobody," answered Don Quixote, "nor on anything except a saddle-pad and a little valise that we found not far from this.
Manatees are endangered and so Skeet has come upon a crime.
Finding themselves among the 1,500 unlucky passengers and crew who went into the icy waters, Jack and Rose come upon a floating piece of furniture large enough to provide a raft for only one of them.