come out

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  • verb

Synonyms for come out

appear or become visible

be issued or published

take a place in a competition


Related Words

to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality

be made known


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A few months after the pub incident, I decided to come out to my parents.
We have to come out and get a lead,'' Kennedy said.
Ironically, when Carnes was subsequently cast in a small role on Desperate Housewives, he had no idea--and neither, it seems, did the show's writers--that his character would return months later to come out of the closet, dragging Bree Van De Kamp's teenage son with him.
The game means nothing if we come out and start losing again,'' Sheets said.
While posing as limousine liberals, most of today's movie stars have shirked their responsibility to come out of the closet.