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The lieutenant-governor's reverie had now come down to the period at which he himself was sitting in the historic chair.
Don't fret; I'll come down and mend it in the night," he said.
They had come down the river, not on a catamaran, but in a rude dug-out.
White Fang watched it all with eager eyes, and when the tepees began to come down and the canoes were loading at the bank, he understood.
Now, had not the moose come down to drink, had not Mit-sah been steering out of the course because of the snow, had not Kloo-kooch sighted the moose, and had not Grey Beaver killed it with a lucky shot from his rifle, all subsequent things would have happened differently.
You had heard the shot, and you had at once come down.
In the morning, he sent me to tell her she must come down to breakfast: she had undressed, and appeared going to sleep, and said she was ill; at which I hardly wondered.