come along

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  • verb

Synonyms for come along

come into being or existence, or appear on the scene


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develop in a positive way

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The lymphocytes shuffle their genes to produce a diverse population of cells that makes millions of distinct antibodies, ready to battle whatever microorganism may come along (SN: 11/7/98, p.
This leaves plenty of room for upgrades should any good news come along, but not much scope for downgrades.
If any good news were to come along, all those pessimists would suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the fence.
So, we see an excellent configuration for contrarians: strong performance amid pessimistic sentiment, telling us the path of least resistance is to the upside if good news were to come along.
But in the world of biopharmaceuticals, news can be sudden and dramatic, and if some were to come along, the short covering could fuel a spectacular rally.