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It would convert green waste into greenhouse gas/carbon neutral BioOil fuel, which combusts with far less NOx and virtually no SOx in comparison to conventional fossil fuel.
And someone spontaneously combusts in it, so come on, that's what you want in any novel.
We simply do not know what other toxins MTBE produces when it combusts until the UC study is completed.
If heated to these temperatures in the presence of oxygen, the carbon fully combusts, resulting in a fine particle of ash instead of coke.
Because there is an open flame and ample free oxygen, the syngas emitted by wood in a fireplace combusts immediately and produces fire.
A correct flux practice of an appropriate 100 lb addition of flux combusts 160 lb of metallics and returns 1693 lb aluminum alloy to the melt, leaving 3367 lb of salable dross.
The advantage of natural gas comes from the burning properties of the main constituent, namely methane, which is a colorless, odorless gas that combusts easily with a pale, slightly luminous flame.
This is an indication as to how well the engine combusts the fuel demanded of it.
The purpose is to create a power plant which combusts coal more cleanly than currently available alternative polluting technologies.
EMR's proprietary microwave process combusts the residual organic carbon, producing a calcine flyash which is relatively carbon free.
Praxair's technology combusts carbon monoxide that is produced during melting and refining to carbon dioxide, efficiently transferring the resultant heat to the molten bath.