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Any remaining hydrocarbon vapor is incinerated with an EPA certified enclosed combustor with a greater than 99% VOC destruction rate.
At the 10,000-square-meter plant, facilities for coating gas turbine combustors, rotor blades and stator vanes will be the first to operate.
Combustors cruising along at 1,600 degrees may glow orange with heat.
The combustor is designed for flexible operation and low NOx emissions of less than 10 ppm at all engine power levels.
Cimarron Energy has received "Quad-O" certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its enclosed vapor combustors, with all five models produced by Cimarron "manufacturer tested" and compliant according to the EPA's "Quad-O" New Source Performance Standards for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at oil and natural gas production sites.
The demonstrations, which are part of by NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Project, will focus on five areas -- aircraft drag reduction through innovative flow control concepts, weight reduction from advanced composite materials, fuel and noise reduction from advanced engines, emissions reductions from improved engine combustors, and fuel consumption and community noise reduction through innovative airframe and engine integration designs.
His most recent investigations focused on pulsed detonation engine turbine interactions with the vision of building a PDE-turbine hybrid engine where the conventional combustors are replaced with pulsed detonation combustors (PDC) in a gas turbine core.
Today, as both a software developer and a services provider, Reaction Design focuses on chemical process design and improvement for engines, combustors, and reactors.
Nathaniel Energy met the first combustor's July 29, 2004 milestone requirement and is working to complete the two combustors by September 30, 2004.
The Cologna Veneta, Italy project combustors were designed according to its United States Patent # 6,532,879, which is designed to efficiently gasify multiple waste streams and other fuel while producing inexpensive clean power, a much needed critical commodity with worldwide implications.
These families include combustors, flaps, seals and augmentor (afterburner) assemblies.
Our ability to place the two Thermal Combustors which were to be delivered under the Gasifier Agreement with other customers.
combustors that enable low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
The proposal calls for using dry cooling technology to reduce water consumption and for reducing air emissions by incorporating a Selective Catalytic Reduction system, low-NOx combustors and a catalyst to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.