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The present combustor was operated at a relatively dilute solids loading (5224 Pa pressure drop across the combustor).
The company continues to expand its product lines for oil and gas operations and is currently testing an enclosed vapor combustor with substantially higher capacity than other models available in the marketplace.
Blowout refers to a situation where the flame becomes detached from the location where it is anchored and is physically "blown out" of the combustor.
KU, S, CS, char and coke generated from the retort unit at 783 K are conveyed to the combustor unit.
Characteristic curves of different combustor models are as discussed below.
The combustor assembly includes the independent valves and igniter mounting that actually are not parts of the set.
All modern Aero designed engines incorporate the annular combustor.
The system would create a metal oxide that travels from coil combustor to the engine to power the vehicle and create no emissions, according to the company.
The novel chamber, or combustor, could replace conventional chambers in water heaters, power turbines, and perhaps even jet-aircraft engines, says Ben T.
A section on models and diagnostics describes analytical and computational approaches for modeling the acoustic characteristics of combustor geometries.
Half the powder will then go into a combustor, which generates the heat for the drying process, while the other half will go into a combustor that generates electricity towards powering the machine.
The first stage turbine nozzle takes the high-temperature air from the combustor and directs it at the optimum angle into the first-stage turbine blade row," said Bob Ackerman, manager of the GE9O turbine airfoils for the GE90-115 engine.
MSgt Iseminger performed a follow-up review of these corrective actions and discovered that a borescope of the combustor had not been accomplished as the technical data directs.
This award will help fund a new program, which the company expects to launch in the fourth quarter this year, focusing on the design and integration of Xonon into a small, under 15 megawatt (MW), multiple combustor "multi-can" gas turbine.
Computer simulation helped engineers at Allison Engine Company, Indianapolis, IN, improve the efficiency of a new gas turbine engine by helping to optimize and validate the transition duct design between the compressor, combustor and turbine.