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supporting combustion

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And I remember several sheds nearly burning down after fiery, whizzing Catherine Wheels were attached with a cavalier attitude to the combustive qualities of wood.
According to Adrian Macartney, this issue can combine with risk two - skills shortage - in a combustive manner.
All of this can make for a combustive combination both artistically (among the Tonys "Spring Awakening" won was the coveted best musical award) as well as in terms of audience response.
Pointing to the fact that the magnesium aluminate pre-material had been synthesized through a combustive method, she continued, "This pre-material turned into spinel phase very quickly by using microwave radiation.
More research on the dialectics of empowerment and solidification as resistance to the mainstream paradigm and its impact is needed to further verify the role of discourse in envisioning new possible realities beyond the existing structures, in particular with the combustive contextual specificity.
The youngster has a combustive combination of pace and boldness.
As for the suspicion, the new recommendations that would cut back on mammogram testing come in the middle of the combustive debate over health care reform and how to pay for any overhaul.
Transportation by highway, rail, and water of chemical materials with significant explosive, combustive, or toxic potential;
This normativity has recently been overlaid with defensiveness, an ambivalent and often combustive combination that thwarts rather than favours the process of reconciliation, and in many ways deepens the racial divisions.
As connections between consumers and brands multiply, a multi disciplinary approach consistently delivering collaborative, combustive creativity is essential.
This can't be a reaction to the party's recent troubles, although I suspect some MPs will be particularly glad to stay away given the combustive atmosphere.
In this combustive atmosphere, last spring Damascus obeyed Western demands to withdraw its remaining forces from Lebanon in keeping with U.