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Synonyms for combustion

a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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Nathan; Operational characteristics of a parallel jet MILD combustion burner system.
Our pursuit of this emerging market opportunity is a natural consequence of LPP Combustion's recently announced strategic alliance with Dynoil, a California-based biofuels producer," according to Eskin, who added that the company's expanded activity in the biofuels marketplace complements its ongoing efforts to demonstrate the LPP Combustion System for operating gas turbines on conventional liquid fuels.
Another key obstacle will be getting automakers to divest of their current long-range internal combustion engine investment plans and switch to the split-cycle design, which could be a monumental task given the fact that most of the world's automaker's are not flush with cash and willing to take a serious gamble on something as crucial as engine configurations.
So, if you're going to install a fireplace (gas or otherwise), it is very important that this device be vented to the outside, and preferably have its combustion air delivered to it from the outside as well.
For maximum fuel savings, we inspect and take combustion efficiency readings with Digital Test equipment.
He predicts fuel cell vehicles will never have less than a $10,000 price premium over internal combustion vehicles.
combustion 3 for Macintosh software is quickly becoming the must-have solution for creating effects and motion graphics for video, film, DVD, and the web.
Inefficient combustion processes result in incomplete combustion and can emit complex mixtures of organic pollutants, metals, and fine particles due to incomplete combustion.
What I like about his approach was that he looked at combustion, and he looked at what controls combustion, and then applied it to the internal combustion engine," says Swift.
LONDON -- What is the size of the internal combustion engine filter markets in different countries of Asia?
This proposal aims to make step improvements in both fast, accurate modelling of combustion instability, and in developing reliable active control strategies for its suppression.
Combustion time of lignite is an important factor of the combustion process in the generator.
NASDAQ:ADSK), has launched combustion 3 for Apple Macintosh, the latest version of its visual effects and 3D compositing desktop software.