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Synonyms for combustible

Synonyms for combustible

a substance that can be burned to provide heat or power

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capable of igniting and burning

References in classic literature ?
Now cotton, combined with cold nitric acid, become transformed into a substance eminently insoluble, combustible, and explosive.
Remembering the quantity of combustible objects in the vestry--the straw, the papers, the packing-cases, the dry wood, the old worm-eaten presses--all the probabilities, in my estimation, point to the fire as the result of an accident with his matches or his light.
When I had called to him, the flames must have reached across the door leading into the church, on either side of which the presses extended, and close to which the other combustible objects were placed.
The furniture being very dry, and rendered more combustible by wax and oil, besides the arts they had used, took fire at once.
All this while they fired not a gun, because they would not waken the people faster than they could master them; but the fire began to waken them fast enough, and our fellows were glad to keep a little together in bodies; for the fire grew so raging, all the houses being made of light combustible stuff, that they could hardly bear the street between them.
When storing combustibles in your garage, make sure you store them so that these three elements cannot combine.
xi]--Particles volume change factor of the combustibles during combustion: when the particles does not change [xi]>1; during the volume growth [xi]=1, during the reduction of volume [xi]<1.
Perhaps in the future some brilliant scientist, who is quite mad, will invent a small collection tank for us to carry so that our combustibles can be used in the new energy systems where nothing is wasted and even the cows will look like camels.
For example, in the section on the installation of sprinkler systems, for requirements for sprinklers in concealed spaces containing exposed combustibles, notes are strongly suggestive of the possibility that cables installed in concealed spaces require sprinkler protection.
7% yield of combustibles has been obtained by using kerosene.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Wildfire-safety experts recommend that firewood and other combustibles be kept at least 30 feet from any structure.
The brochure then provides various detailed charts on mounting heights, minimum clearances to combustibles and various specifications and dimensions of all 19 models.
in its organization and in connection with its mezzanine financing for the acquisition of the Murine and Clear Eyes brands of eye and ear care products; Southern Cross Group in an investment in Compania General de Combustibles S.
Some of the modifying materials in the new preblend are carbonaceous based and contribute to the combustibles, but in many preblend formulations the quantity of seacoal or seacoal supplements require review.
A menos que el uso de combustibles fosiles se reduzca notablemente, la temperatura de la Tierra podria subir en 5.