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Synonyms for combustible

Synonyms for combustible

a substance that can be burned to provide heat or power

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capable of igniting and burning

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When I had called to him, the flames must have reached across the door leading into the church, on either side of which the presses extended, and close to which the other combustible objects were placed.
On this solid basis, Tabitha would rear a lighter structure, composed of the splinters of door panels, ornamented mouldings, and such quick combustibles, which caught like straw, and threw a brilliant blaze high up the spacious flue, making its sooty sides visible almost to the chimney-top.
At one time it was resolved to set fire to the fort; and the squaws belonging to the allies were employed to collect combustibles.
As night advanced I placed a variety of combustibles around the cottage, and after having destroyed every vestige of cultivation in the garden, I waited with forced impatience until the moon had sunk to commence my operations.
James's Street, exploded the combustibles with which she was charged, and blew up.
transporting 18,000 tonnes of combustible waste from domestic waste for incineration per.
SENSIT Technologies' SENSIT HXG2d Combustible Gas Leak Detector has received ATEX compliance certification.
OSHA defines combustible dust as "fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in the air, in certain conditions.
com)-- Hughes Environmental, an industry leader in combustible dust remediation, commercial duct cleaning, rafter & ceiling cleaning, and other industrial cleaning, will be celebrating their 10th year of business on Thursday March 5, 2015.
Consider the number of combustible liquids in the garage, including the fuel to run the mower.
The combustible dust explosion that claimed three lives at AL Metal in 2010 underscores the need for a national combustible dust standard, according to the U.
today urged members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee to use the Committee hearing Thursday on electronic cigarettes to constructively stress how electronic cigarettes offer millions of smokers an alternative to the combustible cigarette.
Combustible dust is one of the biggest safety issues facing food manufacturers.
Any wall made of wood, plastic or other combustible materials is covered under the regulation, including walls which may not appear to be combustible because of stucco or other non-combustible coverings.