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the quality of being capable of igniting and burning

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The aforementioned indicators are sufficient for making rather accurate forecasting and deciding on the combustibility of OSB and WPB.
All cladding panels shall be tested and approved for their combustibility and flame spread classification at the maximum thickness intended for use and intended assemblies and shall not contain foamed plastic insulation at its core," state the revisions, adding that "non rated material is not permitted unless recommended by panel manufacturers.
Finnish researchers have burned bio-oil in a dual-fuel burner that required only minor modifications to account for lower combustibility of the mix.
JCF' offers ease of transport and storage, as well as the same combustibility as heavy oil.
This air of combustibility, the sense of a system teetering on the brink of collapse or implosion, again brings to mind Brecht and the moment in which he posed his models of didactic/hermeneutic emancipation.
YOU will search in vain for any listing in the medical textbooks, in The Standard Nomenclature of Diseases, or in the World Heath Organisation's International List of the Causes of Death--now published as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)--for the strange malady known as spontaneous human combustion (SHC), preternatural combustibility (PC), or auto-oxidation, and designated in lay terms the Fire from Heaven, although the nether region might seem more appropriate as fans et origo.
Yet for reasons both long-standing and of recent vintage, the combustibility of German-speaking Catholicism makes it a unique sign of contradiction in the global church, a bete noire for some and a beacon of hope for others.
Never has global combustibility sounded so innocent, but the chintzy guitar, toothsome and catchy-as-velcro chorus should bring more acclaim to the kitsch poppers.
Physical state of the materials and intermediate products, size and dimensions, combustibility, transfer rate, and other are conditions that gave rise to the simultaneous use of a variety of transportation modes or communicating among different units of a manufacturing company (Wagner & Enzler, 2005).
Fire Safety--The all-plastic pallet provides a critical benefit with respect to fire safety with high flash points and low combustibility.
That realization adds combustibility to the facts now fueling Israel's fast-fading legitimacy.
Speed of production has inevitably increased temperature, friction and the possible combustibility of products.
This can manifest itself in his characteristic combustibility as his nervous energy gets the better of him during those involuntary leaps around the dugout.
However, because of its lower combustibility it contains 50 percent more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including naphthalene, benzanthracene, and benzopyrene, than tobacco smoke.