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any of numerous shrubs or small trees of the genus Combretum having spikes of small flowers

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Le materiel vegetal utilise est compose de: grains de Coffea robusta, gousses de Xylopia aethiopica et de feuilles sechees de Combretum micranthum qui ont tous ete obtenus au niveau desdits marches.
Rhus lancea produced the lowest volume of gas during early period while the lowest volume of gas was recorded for Combretum microphyllum after 12 h.
Especies pertenecientes al genero Combretum presentan gran cantidad de metabolitos secundarios.
Counteraction of Bothrops snake venoms by Combretum leprosum root extract and arjunolic acid has been reported [25].
e a intoxicacao por Combretum glaucocarpum (sin=Thiloa glaucocarpa), unica planta da regiao descrita anteriormente como nefrotoxica (TOKARNIA et al.
5 m people: Faidherbia albida, a nitrogen fixing species that improves soil fertility and provides fodder for livestock, Pilostigma reticulatum and Guiera senegalensis for fodder, Combretum glutinosum for firewood, and Adansonia digatat for edible nutritious leaves.
The pursuit of Cape buffalo is not only challenging, but in extremely dense stands of flesh-ripping combretum, it is extremely dangerous, a situation I enjoyed in July 2013 along the Limpopo River.
Model to estimate the leaf area of Combretum leprosum Mart.
Pathisa Nyathi, who writes that the Khumalos (who have a special relationship with fish) throw the cord into the water to be eaten by fish, and the Ndlovus 'burn it using combretum or other woods' (Nyathi 2001: 95).
y Combretum fruticosum) presentes en los sitios donde no hay PPT, estuvieron ausentes en los sitios con PPT.
Some water dispersed species are included in the genera Combretum, Dalbergia, Mucuna, and Entada.
Combretum and Terminalia are the most species rich genera, with over 200 species each (KATERERE et al.
Composition of the gum from Combretum paniculatum and four other gums which are not permitted food additives".
Not rated 21 Begonia sp Not rated 22 Begonia eminii Not rated 23 Ceiba pentandra Not rated 24 Dacryodes edulis Not rated 25 Canarium schweinfurthi Not rated 26 Dacryodes yangambiensis Not rated 27 Gilbertiodendron dewrei Not rated 28 Scorodophloeus zenkeri Not rated 29 Schotia bequaertii Not rated 30 Pachyelasme tessmannii Not rated 31 Brachystegia laurentii Not rated 32 Cynometra sessiliflora Not rated 33 Guibortia demeusei Not rated 34 Erythrophloeum suavolens Not rated 35 Macrolobium coeruleum Not rated 36 Copaifera mildbraedii Not rated 37 Julbemalia Not rated 38 Combretum sp.