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a small band of jazz musicians

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As tastes have changed and evolved, that led us to embrace the now-classic combination of sweet and salty, and we're excited to celebrate these flavors by wrapping them in the iconic COMBOS pretzel shell," said Flip Block, Marketing Director, Mars Chocolate North America.
Since players will be playing Jupiter, there will be lot of focus and this will be an added advantage where players can link their combos and use the focus to slow down the enemies.
The only way to rescue her is to defeat the Evil Ninja in the upcoming Kingdom Tournament - and to enter, you need to achieve the coveted Combo KungFu Black Belt.
A larger fraction of cemeteries than funeral homes are part of combos because there are far fewer cemeteries than funeral homes in this country.
Granada Hills High School; Etiwanda High School Combo I; Sierra Vista Junior High Combo.
We want to force LBs to commit to a gap before leaving the combo on the down technique.
We hope the addition of combos to the Saladworks menu will encourage both fans and new customers' trial of all of our signature salads, freshly chopped ingredients, varieties of hot soups, and flavorful fusion sandwiches," said Founder/CEO, John Scardapane.
Lockbox Combos mobile app allows Real Estate Agents and Brokers to log in and store lockbox combos for all their listings.
One of the things we do in our play-calling system that provides great diversity while keeping everything simple is "tagging" our passing routes - adding a word to our normal pass route call that will change some part of the pass route combo.
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth combos have seen slower adoption due to performance issues, because both technologies use similar frequencies, so they must alternate transmissions to avoid interference.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- From Batman & Robin and Sonny & Cher, to salt and pepper and peanut butter and jelly, there are plenty of great combos that will be used as Halloween costumes this year.
This weekend's win at Monterey, however, was considered more important because the competition was broader and deeper, and included combos from all over the USA plus Japan and Australia.
First COMBOS Curiosities Test Makes Television Debut on ESPNU, June 27
6 and 9 axis sensors: consumer inertial combos : Executive Summary only http://www.
Published and developed by Reaxion, Incadia is a classic block-building puzzle game featuring a richly detailed Aztec world where players build totems and combos out of colorful, carved Aztec-designed stones to clear fields and win bonus points.