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a type of network technology for local area networks

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The companies said that the Gaming Combo Card is the world's first single card, PCI Express solution combining Bigfoot Networks' Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card technology and ATI Radeon HD 5000 graphics family technology.
The combo card is compatible with Windows(R) 98, Windows(R) 95 and Windows(R) NT and has security features that include support for common authentication protocols PAP and CHAP.
An example design of a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo card for mobile handsets, has been developed by wireless technology and Bluetooth company CSR and Fractus, a fractal antenna technology company.
Public Bank has introduced a new offer to promote the new combo card offering and under this promotional deal, the first 10,000 eligible members of the Public Bank Lifestyle Debit Card will get a cash back of RM38 on their three retail transactions of any amount charged on the card by the first month from the date of the issuance of the new card.
The bank stated that consumers can get immediate access to the entry gate for travel on Mumbai Metro by just tapping the combo card at the AFC gates.
In addition to the Wireless USB + Bluetooth combo card, WiQuest's product line consists of five additional reference design kits based on Certified Wireless USB from the USB Implementers Forum.
The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo card design brings together two Fractus Slim Reach Xtend(TM)antennas and CSR's UniFi-1 Portable Wi-Fi chip and BlueCore4-ROM Bluetooth chip on a single card that delivers a very small, high performance co-existent design.
Similar to the combo card, the eight-port FX IOA uses a range of small form-factor pluggable transceivers to support different optical modes and cabling distances.
DSL/POTS combo cards are also replacing POTS-only cards.
Driver Development Kits including initial support for forthcoming combo cards from leading peripheral manufacturers.
Always at the forefront of DSL technology and after launching recently its VDSL/POTS combo card, Marconi has selected Centillium for the impressive performances of the Maximus chipset in the field of ADSL2/ADSL2+ and READSL and has built into the Access Hub the upgrade capability to up to 50 Mbps downstream with ADSL2++ technology, making it a unique solution on the market," said Devid Gubiani, Director, Product Line Management for Access Hub at Marconi Corporation plc.
We're able to leverage that experience by basing our new line card on Ikanos' chipsets which use DMT line coding, creating synergies with the DMT-based Combo Card (24x ADSL/POTS) to provide greater flexibility of deployment.
In earlier incarnations of BlueCore, CSR employed a variety of measures to prevent radio interference -- these resulted in BlueCore being selected for the leading laptop and combo card designs.
The Adax HIC-PCI Combo card is a high performance, high density, multiple protocol, channelized controller that supports both traditional SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols for SS7 over IP.
Grim Patron Warrior needed to get its combo cards and Patches was annoying, but at least there was Acidic Swamp Ooze to kill all those weapons 6 Crystal Core Rogue has no counters.