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a type of network technology for local area networks

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The bank stated that consumers can get immediate access to the entry gate for travel on Mumbai Metro by just tapping the combo card at the AFC gates.
Specialist manufacturer of gaming network cards, Bigfoot Networks and TUL Corporation, a manufacturer of ATI graphics cards sold under the PowerColor brand, today announced a Gaming Combo Card that combines high quality PC graphics with networking for online gaming.
When used in ISDN mode, SMART's combo card will allow users to exchange data over eight times faster than when using a V.
A spokesperson for Belkin said the Bluetooth PDA/PC combo card eliminates the need for two Bluetooth cards.
Apertio has chosen Adax's HDC-PCI Combo card for its HLR (Home Location Register) application for GSM networks.
Since this combo card has already achieved FCC modular certification, new products incorporating this radio and antenna combination may leverage this certification.
Fractus, the fractal antenna technology pioneer, has worked with CSR, the wireless technology provider and world leader in Bluetooth connectivity, to develop an example design of a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo card that provides VoIP and Bluetooth calls running at the same time inside a mobile handset device.
The GC89 EDGE combo card complies with Class 10 rating, or the sending and receiving of data at speeds of up to 247 kbps.
LAN/Modem Mini-PCI combo card shipments are forecasted by Cahner's In-Stat Group to increase from 6.
The combo card uses a range of small form-factor pluggable transceivers to support different optical modes and cabling distances.
DLCs can be flexibly configured to support POTS or DSL on any port on a combo card, greatly reducing operations costs for service providers when they need to move POTS customers over to DSL.
release, combo card functionality will soon be available on the newest versions of Pocket PC and Smartphone," said Navi Miglani, director of marketing at SyChip, Inc.
It was the first Taiwan company to introduce the PCMCIA ISDN TA to the global market and the first to mass-deliver a PCMCIA 56K Fax/Modem and an Ethernet LAN + 56K Fax/Modem combo card.
Always at the forefront of DSL technology and after launching recently its VDSL/POTS combo card, Marconi has selected Centillium for the impressive performances of the Maximus chipset in the field of ADSL2/ADSL2+ and READSL and has built into the Access Hub the upgrade capability to up to 50 Mbps downstream with ADSL2++ technology, making it a unique solution on the market," said Devid Gubiani, Director, Product Line Management for Access Hub at Marconi Corporation plc.
The desktop AMR or MDC modem can ship in the form of an audio/modem combo card or split-partitioned with audio integrated as a motherboard feature.