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Synonyms for combing

the act of drawing a comb through hair

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He knew no more of poker hands than did he know of getting ships under way, of clearing up surface car wrecks in New York, or of combing the long yellow hair of a loved daughter in a Harlem flat.
Graf will present the wide range of products and service solutions for carding and combing, strengthening the leading position as a complete system provider.
A comprehensive plan for carrying out Combing Operations was approved, the Inter-Services Public Relations said in a media statement after the Corps Commanders Conference at the General Headquarters, which was chaired by Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif.
Here we explore the hypothesis that the fine combs found as grave goods in Arica archaeological sites were produced not only for combing the hair, but above all to mechanically remove head lice and their eggs.
The product is designed to destroy lice on contact by combing through dry hair, according to executives at the Needham, Mass.
Accuracy of diagnosis of pediculosis capitis: visual inspection versus wet combing.
Sometimes it was not possible to repair the comb so that it could be used for combing again.
They are much the poorer for not having the knowledge of combing, a knowledge, that like dry stone walling and so many other traditional British skills and customs, is dying.
The curved shape is designed to make combing and detaining the hair easier.
He said: "The Arc gives a more comfortable combing experience.
Well, a type of comb like this Finger Comb, by Vogueti PRO, isn't just for unruly curls; it's a bathroom essential as its ideal for evenly combing through conditioning treatments, or even colour, without using fingers ( or gloves which may have a hole in
Combing wet hair with conditioner and a free-tooth comb is four times more effective at curing pediculosis than water-based, over-the-counter pediculicide shampoos, Nigel Hill, Ph.