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Synonyms for combine

Synonyms for combine

to unite or be united in a relationship

to assemble or join in a group

to make a part of a united whole

a group of individuals united in a common cause

a combination of businesses closely interconnected for common profit

Synonyms for combine

harvester that heads and threshes and cleans grain while moving across the field

Related Words

a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

an occurrence that results in things being united

have or possess in combination


Related Words

put or add together

add together from different sources

join for a common purpose or in a common action

Related Words

gather in a mass, sum, or whole

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The new RF power combiners from Fairview come in popular 2-way and 4-way configurations and deliver high power up to 800 Watts over a broad temperature range between 55AC to 85AC.
8220;With the addition of our new power combiners, we continue to expand our offering of solutions necessary to be our customers' one-stop-shop for the complete component requirements of the RF system,” says Michael Rachlin, Director of Product Management at Pasternack.
Shoals maintains a diverse portfolio of PV balance of systems products, including, combiner/re-combiner boxes, disconnecting combiner boxes, custom harnessing solutions, junction boxes, PV wire, in-line fuses, racking and PV monitoring solutions.
Our line of PV String Combiner boxes are the first in the market designed with solar installers and electrical contractors in mind and with the attention to quality that comes with the Schneider Electric brand.
This is possible because directional waveguide-based combiners are designed for the wideband path to be especially straight and uniform (earlier generations had large width variations).
In addition to combiners, Kaelus will display a new Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) that simplifies UMTS2100 and LTE1800 network deployments.
The performance of the new Pasternack's high power combiners is summarized in the below table:
June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SolarBOS is pleased to announce the addition of a 400 amp disconnect to our popular Disconnect Combiner box product line.
In addition, Powerwave will be showing its new iCC Internet Commanded Combiner and a complete line of RF broadband site solutions for fast and economic deployment of 4G networks that includes signal combiners, signal amplifiers and broadband antennas.
As with all of OFS's high-power combiners, reliable long-term operation was a major design driver.
The combiners consolidate feeds from multiple base transceiver stations (BTS) or radio heads for 2G/3G systems and LTE, enabling feed line and antenna consolidation and re-use of legacy equipment for new LTE technology.
a worldwide supplier of integrated optical components and modules for advanced optical networks, announced today the addition of high-performance micro-optic polarization beam combiners (PBC) to its amplifier component product family.
New Lineup of Crossband Combiners, TMAs and Broadband Antennas Provide Complete RF Solution for 4G Networks Being Deployed on Digital Dividend Spectrum
We believe our pump combiners have demonstrated the optimal reliability performance required by the new Raman and EDFA amplifier designs.
This is one of the first filter combiners to enable deployment of LTE[R] services alongside 2G and/or 3G networks, and is also the first solution that allows LTE networks to expand as future demand increases and that also features remote configuration and electronic tuning via the Internet.