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Synonyms for combinatory

marked by or relating to or resulting from combination


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relating to or involving combinations

able to or tending to combine

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Mechanical test results indicated that the toughness of PLA can be improved without too much loosing the strength and modulus by the help of the combinatory use of CA and PDI.
We thank Harold Boley for his hints about typed/untyped functional programming and combinatory logic, Rong Hu for her comments about work related to the cooking recipe advisor, Simon Peyton-Jones for his encouragement during the development of this paper.
Finally, 61 percent of the pure self-employed transit at one stage or the other in their life course to dependent employment, and 39 percent transit to a combinatory status.
1998) and recent applications have also been done by Swanson & White (1997a), and Darbellay and Slama (2000), and Qi (2001), and Tkacz (2001), but despite the power and reputation of these models, the function of neural network models in predictive experiment is combinatory (Zhang et al.
This exploration is structured on a combinatory series of objects based on an adapted 'menger sponge'--principle (Fig.
Stirling's studios at Yale offered him both an opportunity to experiment with his own ideas--a 'laboratory to test alternative combinatory strategies', according to curator Emmanuel Petit--and inculcate his ideas in several younger generations of America's best and brightest.
Could this, for example, be generating a hidden environmental risk associated with long-term exposure and combinatory effects?
Although it gives the appearance of yet another sociological study, there is something about the style and tone that suggests it might be a work of fiction, or some rather strange combinatory piece of writing that will not conform easily to any preconceived genre.
The combinatory effects of using Euclidean measurements and geographic zip-code centroids in health care research is unknown.
When the threshold rose to 75 percent of buildings having a damage score of "5" or greater, using the centroid and a 100 m filter produces the best result, with 11 of 19 (or 58 percent) of nodes falling in the combinatory overlay.
As I read Korzybski, both he and Peirce appreciate speaking (writing/orality) as not just a symbolic process, but as a semiotic process--as a combinatory performance of linguistic/non-linguistic (non-verbal) significations and existential relatedness.
1 solving structural variants generation by a combinatory composition of the compatible solutions from steps 2[degrees] and 3[degrees], and
No bones but say bones") and a combinatory, entirely narrative-textual variation ("Say yes that the bones may pain till no choice but stand").
However, varying one parameter while leaving others building envelope features constant can potentially miss important interactive effects, and full combinatory parametric studies are usually infeasible.
It is therefore tempting to investigate the contribution of combinatory metrics to strategy deployment.