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  • adj

Synonyms for combinatorial

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

Synonyms for combinatorial

relating to or involving combinations

relating to the combination and arrangement of elements in sets

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Specifically, many exemplars of training were needed to establish even mutually entailed opposite relations and training combinatorially entailed opposite relations was even more difficult.
means for combinatorially combining the first and second values to generate a triple precision arithmetic value.
In this context, two vertex-labeled polytopes are combinatorially equivalent if their face lattices coincide.
A combinatorially Fluster geometry is a smoothly combinatorial manifold [?
The (k, 1)-hook Schur functions introduced by Berele and Regev [BR87] are defined combinatorially using (k, l)-semistandard hook tableaux.
i) how can we combinatorially classify the general s-manifolds by maps with boundary?
Combinatorially entailed relations, by definition, occur between two stimuli that have not been directly related to one another.
Stemgent is a leading provider of proprietary stem cell reagents and tools and will be applying their expertise in stem cell science to Fluidigm's system to combinatorially screen genetic and chemical reagents for more efficient, reliable conditions for differentiated cell reprogramming.
For example, Steele and Hayes (1991) measured response latencies for combinatorially entailed relations of 'Same' and 'Opposite'.
A classical question about any combinatorially defined poset is what its Mobius function is.
Using the Silencer Kinase siRNA Library to individually or combinatorially knock down kinases will allow a better understanding of each kinase's function and its participation in one or more biological pathways.
As a subcontractor, DuPont's effort is focused on the rapid screening of combinatorially discovered electrocatalysts and MEA cathode structures.
It is straightforward (see Ziegler (1995)) that for every face F of a polytope P the link of F in the boundary of P is combinatorially isomorphic to the boundary of some polytope.
ME = mutually entailed; CE1 and CE2 = one- and two-node combinatorially entailed relations, respectively.
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