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Synonyms for combinatorial

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

Synonyms for combinatorial

relating to or involving combinations

relating to the combination and arrangement of elements in sets

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The company also has several additional compounds in preclinical development, including ISIS 5320, the most advanced compound to have arisen from Isis' combinatorial drug discovery program.
By bringing the advanced technologies of combinatorial chemical library creation and management to the personal computer, we can give our researchers the tools they need to be successful in their discovery efforts," said Loftus.
Chernomatz and Levin also show that the combinatorial auction rule generates lower revenues to the seller than does the separate auction, regardless of the level of synergies.
m],m [greater than or equal to] 1, a topological combinatorial manifold Ml is a Hausdorff space such that for any point p [member of] [?
1) The primary interest in combinatorial chemistry stems from the high rate of experimentation that can be accomplished on a per man hour basis as compared to conventional, serial experimentation.
To the best of my knowledge," Landsberg says, "this nonlineardynamics/physics approach to combinatorial games is something of a radical departure from what the folks who work on such games normally do.
The NIST SPHERE is designed to generate a large combinatorial library of samples with different exposure histories.
A one day tutorial in combinatorial technology will precede the symposium.
Consumables will remain the largest group of combinatorial chemistry products, with demand advancing 14 percent annually through 2006.
Combinatorial chemistry can best be described as a collection of modern technologies that has spawned a rebirth of medicinal, organic and pharmaceutical chemistry in academic, biotechnological and pharmaceutical company settings.
Today, combinatorial methods are fundamental to research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
By combining MitoKor's unique platform in mitochondrial biology with Mimotopes' advanced technology in combinatorial chemistry, solid phase synthesis and novel polymer systems, the company intends to form a fully integrated drug discovery company.
A function f(x,y) is eventually computably combinatorial if there is a number n so that f(x+n,y+n) is computably combinatorial.
TerraGen and ChromaXome have complementary expertise and technologies for drug discovery in the emerging field of combinatorial biosynthesis.
One of the strongest forces of growth in the analytical instruments industry is combinatorial chemistry.
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