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in a bellicose contentious manner


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In the second section, I argue that the combatively collaborative interests of Acosta and Straight Arrow are rendered most clearly in its narrative and paratextual depictions of cockroaches.
As one of us (Jon) vividly recalls, a prominent member of the constructivist community once responded to complaints that his presentations were laced with technical jargon by combatively asserting, "It took me many years to become well-versed in constructivist ideas, which I did so I could partake in the conversation.
They again demonstrate their lack of philosophical astuteness when they combatively (in Sherman's view) ask for details about institutions in Socrates' ideal city.
Stevenage were, indeed, very much a team in the well-established Westley mould - big and muscular, combatively direct - and they wasted no opportunity to test the aerial competence of a 3-5-2 City formation that we can presumably stop calling an experiment now as Pressley has employed it in all four of his domestic friendlies.
25) Moreover, Cohen inspired a renewed interest in things Jewish among these young writers by advancing a combatively secular vision of Jewish intellectuality, which shaped not just the first generation of New York intellectuals, but later generations as well, and became central to their ideology of masculinity.
Interior minister Nisar Ali Khan combatively shoots back that the airport attack was the Sindh government's lapse.
Long before the "affective turn" or "return to religion" debates, his work offered readers an alternative to a combatively historical mode that condemned the intuitive or spiritual as either blind transcendence or twisted doctrine.
The translation of Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics that is quoted is dubious, and citations should be to Bekker numbers, or book, chapter, and paragraph, rather than to page numbers; and I am at a loss to understand why Tarpley has used Noah Webster's Dictionary of the English Language as an authority on Austen's usage, since he was compiling a rather combatively American account of the language, first published a dozen years after her death.
It doesn't matter if you are shooting combatively or competitively, your ability to grip the gun, control the trigger, present from various positions or the holster, manipulate or clear stoppages is non-negotiable.
Yerushalmi has a history of arguing quite combatively about the threat of Shari'a and is insistent about the need to protect United States courts from foreign influence.
Even Shapiro's more recent, somewhat combatively titled Best Practices are Stupid offers, according to its subtitle, 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition--which seems to replace best practices with 40 better practices.
The combatively worded conclusion --which vindicates "la ahora perdida pista del Hiperion" as a source of "alternativas al persistente debate de la autenticidad"--does a brilliant job explaining the significance of this project within Mexico's political and cultural context today.
Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Sipper describes Miller's fictional persona as "graphically erotic, elliptically surrealistic, unevenly anarchistic, combatively philosophical, abidingly romantic, downright funny--and always deeply felt.
And he has combatively pledged to fight to defend the socialist revolution that Chavez, a leftist ex-paratrooper, launched.
It is now using nationalistic discourse and attacking the Kurdish political activists combatively," he said, emphasizing that AKP's policies aim to eliminate the PKK and would continue the war this way until the PKK met its demise.