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in a bellicose contentious manner


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Cameron's book is a response to many scholars who argue that fourth-century Roman paganism was combatively durable in the face of Christian advance.
As in the Copa del Rey final a week ago, Real Madrid started off combatively closing down the space as well as the player.
It has been expressed more vociferously and combatively by key leaders in the Senate, and by politically-charged commentators including Paul Krugman.
CHRISTOPHER WOODS MAINTAINS combatively in the opening sentence of this work, the fifteenth in the inestimable series of Maynooth Research Guides for Irish Local History, that travelers' narratives are "arguably the most important primary sources for Irish local history" (13).
Ezz addressed the opposition-free Parliament to proudly declare that the ruling party had prepared itself combatively for the election battle while the opposition and independent candidates had sent their time in foolish talk.
Although the guest acted combatively when the officer attempted to rescue him, Lieutenant Morgan remained persistent and helped the injured man to safety.
But things combatively increase themselves, exploding in number with the Western Industrial Revolution.
Those tensions which hitherto were non-existent come into being, international events, the collapse of whole sections of colonial empires and the contradictions inherent in the colonial system strengthen and uphold the natives combatively while promoting and giving support to national consciousness.
Given the assertiveness of one's views coupled with a lack of regard for other's insight, this collaborative pair would likely perform more combatively rather than cohesively.
The Talmud (Sanhedrin 107a) depicts David responding combatively and sarcastically to foes who try to shame him by alluding to his adultery.
We had won our World Cup home games, and we've slipped on those banana skins before, performed superbly in defeat in Russia, combatively and competitively in Germany.
As in these books, and other works, the author combatively takes on what he considers to be misrepresentations of, or wrong-headed attitudes towards, ancient India.
The stills of Bill and his brother in Figure 1 show the boys just before they commence engaging with the game combatively.
She reprises Kahn's signature character, a circuits-fried free spirit who converses expansively, combatively, with an unseen cameraman (Dodge).
At CM with matrix and metallic reinforcing is required a combatively between them.