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Synonyms for combative

Synonyms for combative

Synonyms for combative

inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits

striving to overcome in argument

having or showing a ready disposition to fight

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Combative, blunt and rugged, he is a ferocious Labour loyalist.
The factors that contribute to combative and aggressive responses are quite varied, and have inspired considerable literature on the subject.
Deputies tried to stop Williams and talk with him, but he became combative.
The Catalan giants remain keen on the combative midfielder though and president Joan Laporta has confirmed fresh terms will be offered to try and beat off interest from England and Italy.
The United skipper was his usual combative self but was unable to inspire his team to victory.
James Mirollo bracingly considers the many twentieth-century poems addressing Bruegel's Fall of Icarus coming to rest on Auden and Williams as examples of a conflictual paradigm of image envy, a combative relationship between poem and painting where the poem ignores, misreads, and distorts the image.
In the final piece, Graham's typically star-crossed, combative lovers are finally content; six embracing pairs sit on a central bar with rockers for feet, so that it is both seesaw and practice apparatus, watching a bevy of young Furies execute selections from Graham's expressionistic choreography.
Even though the resident is routinely responding to nursing intervention, routine hygiene tasks and so forth with a resistant, combative attitude, often displayed through hitting, kicking, grabbing, spitting or verbal assault, that same resident often obviously enjoys it when a staff person approaches, talks in a soft, calm tone and even holds the resident's hand or touches him affectionately on the shoulder.
Of 44 cancer patients studied, 15 were deemed by standardized tests to have "severe behavioral changes,' including 12 cases of "severe agitation and combative behavior' that necessitated the use of psychiatric drugs or physical restraints.
Its flagship ADVANCED TASER(R) M26 product uses proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects that may be impervious to other less- lethal means.
Perhaps the first sign that the playoffs are much different than regular season was Dunleavy's combative attitude.
In the last decade of his life, Starkey made his living as a highly contentious and combative iatrochemical practitioner and pamphleteer in London's medical market place.
Encounters between male and female characters seem savage or combative, rather than playful or amorous.
Tubercin(R) is a combative substance against cancer.
The movie stars sweet English rose Keira Knightley as the snarling, combative, permanently depressed and intrinsically isolated daughter of actor Laurence Harvey.