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a city district known for its vice and high crime rate


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112-1, issued March 11, 1991, and effective January 16, 1991, a member of the armed forces is deemed to be serving in the combat zone if he or she is serving in an area outside the combat zone in direct support of military operations in the combat zone and is entitled to special pay under 37 United States Code (USC) 310 for duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger ("imminent danger pay").
Taxpayers also must include the dates they entered and left the combat zone or qualified hazardous duty area.
Present law suspends the period of time for performing various acts under the Code for MAFs serving in an area designated as a combat zone.
Service members who are serving in a combat zone can receive relief from compliance actions, such as audits or enforced collections, until 180 days after the taxpayer has left the zone.
The court has ruled that sending our boys into combat zones unsuitably equipped is a breach of their human rights.
But the Pentagon's personnel chief issued a directive limiting the new severance pay waiver only to those injured in a combat zone in the line of duty or as a direct result of armed conflict.
The Navy implemented the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) to help Sailors readjust to life outside the combat zone.
Due to the combat zone exclusion, a MAF may have little or no taxable compensation for the tax year and may not be eligible to make IRA contributions.
Soldiers and eligible offspring may receive up to $8,000 for four years of undergraduate study -- $2,000 per academic school year for each qualifying term of service served in a combat zone.
The Navy recently announced approval of several initiatives aimed at rewarding Sailors who serve in designated combat zones.
At the MC4 Product Management Office (PMO), Ariza led the initial planning, development, and deployment of MC4 systems into the combat zone supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The practices also call for deferring collection activity for any active-duty military customer deployed to a combat zone or National Guardsman or reservist called to active duty, Medsker said.
In all, this is a logical, well-structured chronicle of a thoughtful man's year in a combat zone.
Because the combat zone itself is in the rural northern and eastern areas, those who live in Colombo, the capital, only experience indirect effects of the battles that rage intermittently: the military transport planes and fighter bombers passing overhead; and the wailing of ambulances as the dead and dying are flown in from the front and conveyed to the hospitals.
The Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone enacted by the 2006 Legislature is now available to any member of the military who served in a designated combat zone or hazardous duty area since Sept.
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