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a city district known for its vice and high crime rate


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Taxpayers in Presidentially-declared disaster areas, members of the military serving in a combat zone and Americans living and working abroad get extra time to both file their returns and pay any taxes due.
For deaths outside a combat zone, but in direct support of military operations: The same forgiveness benefits apply as those for combat zone-related deaths.
The IRC section 112 combat zone exclusion, however, is subject to two overall limitations.
Military taxpayers filing on extension should alert the FTB when they do file by writing in red ink on top of their tax return or payment: "Combat Zone: Operation Iraqi Freedom" (or the name of the specific combat zone served in).
112-1(e)(1) if the service was (1) in direct support of military operations in a combat zone and (2) qualified for special military pay for duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger.
Although the state has not conformed to the federal Victims of Terrorism Tax Relief Act of 2001, a service members entire tax liability is forgiven for the year in which they died and for any earlier tax year beginning with the year of service in a combat zone, if the above requirements apply.
He then nursed his heavily damaged helicopter to safety, but immediately volunteered to return to the combat zone and continue marking targets.
Thanks to the AICPA Tax Division Disaster Regulation Task Force that worked with the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS expanded the list of tax-related deadlines that may be postponed to include deadlines for contributions to IRAs and pension plans and for rollover contributions for individuals affected by a Presidentially declared disaster or serving in a combat zone.
Part I of this two-part article examines income inclusions and exclusions, the special exclusion for combat zone duty, various adjustments to income, dependency exemptions and itemized deductions.
A combat zone is any area the President designates by executive order as an area in which the U.
The new initiatives will award two points towards advancement for an IA serving in a designated combat zone (Iraq, Afghanistan, HOA) for a period greater than 179 days.
At the MC4 Product Management Office (PMO), Ariza led the initial planning, development, and deployment of MC4 systems into the combat zone supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The practices also call for deferring collection activity for any active-duty military customer deployed to a combat zone or National Guardsman or reservist called to active duty, Medsker said.
In all, this is a logical, well-structured chronicle of a thoughtful man's year in a combat zone.
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