combat intelligence

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intelligence that is required for the planning and conduct of tactical operations

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In addition to the two terminals, the Combat Intelligence System also will include the Intelligence Correlation Module and the Rapid Application of Air Power efforts.
Smith entered the US Army Air Corps during the war and got himself into the army's Combat Intelligence School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, located in a former boys' school that the federal government had taken over.
are seeking ways to speed up the flow of combat intelligence to the cockpit of aviators flying off those carrier decks.
Experts from each type of participating aircraft and support system combine with joint-service representatives to form divisions of combat plans, EC integration, combat operations and combat intelligence.
The new portal will consolidate information from hundreds of legacy databases and applications to provide authorized users with access to everything from personnel data to frontline combat intelligence.
Halfway through the course, students were introduced to combat intelligence topics, including map analysis, order of battle, intelligence sources, reporting, and interrogation.
Focused on defense electronics, the company develops and manufactures a broad range of mission critical products, from rugged computers and peripherals to systems and components in the areas of communications, combat intelligence, data storage, digital imaging, electro-optics, flight safety and space.
Flash ranging, a part of acoustic intelligence (ACOUSINT), was one new intelligence discipline to emerge during World War I, along with aerial photography and radio intelligence, which became mainstays of combat intelligence.
The new system combines the Contingency Theater Automated Planning System, the Wing Command and Control System and the Combat Intelligence System programs.
In 1924, the section published Training Regulation (TR) 210-5 Combat Intelligence Regulations and began preparation of TR 210-10 Tactical Interpretation of Aerial Photographs as well as a correspondence course for the MI Officer Reserve Corps (MIORC), which had been established in 1921 and was comprised of AEF veterans.
The Red Baron game will replicate combat intelligence characteristics of the actual flying Aces that fought in World War I.
However, the unusual mission of Knowlton's Rangers in providing combat intelligence links them to a long legacy of serving "Always Out Front," going back to before America had an Army.
Army Intelligence Center and School (USAICS), at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where he developed combat intelligence courses.
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