combat fatigue

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a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare

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It cannot be a mere coincidence that a group of people dressed in Pakistan Army's combat fatigues have the temerity to gun down patrolling party members in Balochistan and Indian-administered Kashmir on the same day in a guerrilla style operation.
More than 68% said they used BDS to treat symptoms: Ginkgo biloba to improve memory, ginseng to combat fatigue, chamomile for insomnia and stress, and Echinacea to treat cough and colds.
To combat fatigue and possible carpal tunnel damage, keyboard users have ergonomic keyboards and mice, sponge wrist rests, even wrist splints, but what about those who write as much as they type?
Their alternatives to high fat, salty and sugary processed meals will help you combat fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression AND change your life and your relationship with food.
Eating three meals a day and getting adequate rest is important in any plan to combat fatigue.
The US FAA has denied a request by the ATA to extend the comment period by as much as 180 days The US FAA has denied a request by the Air Transport Association, four other airline advocacy groups and at least two airlines to extend the comment period by as much as 180 days on a new proposed rule to alter flight duty and rest regulations to combat fatigue.
Relaxing body creams and shower gels made with cedrus oil and wild indigo will help to combat fatigue.
Containing Spanish rosemary, peppermint and angelica, both the gel and mist are cooling, refreshing and combat fatigue bringing clarity and awareness, the statement said.
The leaders met at a crucial moment in the final chapter of a long, bloody war, and as Obama balances the future security of Afghanistan with US combat fatigue and a desire to spend America's dwindling resources at home.
Only 22 per cent of those driving for work said they had received advice from their employers about how to combat fatigue, while only a third (33 per cent) of people driving for work recognised the three measures proven to combat fatigue on the road.
The shell shock of World War I and the combat fatigue of World War II proved just as potentially debilitating to soldiers as many of their physical wounds.
Air Force flight crews find themselves having to combat fatigue before, during, and after they go to combat the enemy.
Within one week in the late summer of 1943, at a time when General George Patton was making dramatic breakthroughs against the Germans in Sicily, the hotheaded general twice struck soldiers suffering from combat fatigue.
Adrenal Complex helps restore adrenal function to reduce the effects of stress on the body and combat fatigue.
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