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A referee stays in the combat area, while corner judges sit at each corner of the court.
If Israel conducts operations in a combat area for an extended period of time, the new officers would coordinate between the combat forces and civil administrations, officials said.
Never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds in the combat area.
Sure, I was waiting on a dusty flight line in the middle of the cradle of civilization waiting for a Black Hawk helicopter to come and whisk me away to a combat area in the western section of Baghdad, Iraq, the same area in fact, known as Sadam City, which changed my life forever.
Different from the Post-Deployment Health Assessment, which is completed immediately after deployment, the PDHRA screens Soldiers 90-180 days following time in a combat area, and specifically targets physical and behavioral health concerns that may have emerged since redeployment.
HRW said it had documented at least 30 artillery and air attacks on permanent and makeshift hospitals in the combat area since December 2008.
That deployment will be the unit's first deployment to a combat area since the Korean War.
But scratch the surface and you realize it's more than just the fact that goods are delivered to a combat area.
PLANNERS want more time to consider a bid to create a paintball combat area close to the Bolam Lake beauty spot in Northumberland.
The external tank lets a jet fly longer around a combat area in case it is needed by soldiers on the ground to attack an enemy target.
In a combat area, aircraft carry various countermeasures to ward off attack.
The lads went to a combat area to help install a democratic regime by toppling Saddam Hussein.
Your decision may be different in a combat area than if you are at home station on a training range.
The fact that the Army's equipment worked, and worked well, during Operation Desert Storm is a testament to the philosophy that a civilian force can support the Army within an identified combat area.
Suspension of delinquent tax collection of military personnel serving in the combat area for 180 days after leaving the combat zone or qualified hazardous duty area.
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