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Synonyms for combat




  • support
  • accept
  • give up on
  • surrender to
  • make peace with
  • acquiesce with
  • declare a truce with

Synonyms for combat

to strive in opposition

a hostile encounter between opposing military forces

Synonyms for combat

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This was a young girl who had entered the National Guard for college money, and she ended up in a combat zone.
General Looney detailed this initiative and explained we've also expanded the tech schools, and he talked briefly about our notion of the new battlefield airmen training school, which will offer one-stop instruction on ground combat skills for combat rescue, pararescue, special tactics, combat controllers, terminal air controllers, special operations, weather, and combat communications to develop the skills the 21st century Airmen require we have also emphasized advanced education.
As a result, PEO Soldier dramatically increased production and fielding of a variety of survivability and protection items, including the new Army combat uniform, body armor, night vision devices, thermal weapon sights, and radios, plus more advanced remote systems.
The brigade and its joint partners use the full complement of its combat, combat support and combat service support systems in an expanded NTC maneuver area that has multiple urban operations sites and portrays the complexity and human dimension of the modern battlefield.
The combat artists have for hundreds of years captured the service and sacrifice of the American veteran," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
It moves away from a division-centric structure to one built around the Army's new modular combat team.
At the close of its seven month deployment in March 2005, the Bats had amassed over 8,000 hours during 210 days of combat operations, averaging 1,100 hours and 550 sorties per month in support of Marines engaged in combat operations in Iraq.
There would be increased logistical costs associated with shuttling units in and out of combat on a more frequent basis.
And those support troops who had the guns didn't get much time to practice with them, because the pre-Iraq Army allocated less than half the amount of training ammunition to support units as to combat units.
Lorenzo Scupoli's little book The Spiritual Combat was published in 1589, and has had an enormous influence; by the time of his death in 1610 there had been at least sixty different editions.
Pilots and business people have to be both cooperative and competitive," says Lee Abernethy, owner of an air combat program called Fighter Pilots USA of Chicago.
California tax law generally conforms to federal tax benefits for combat zones and qualified hazardous duty areas, including:
The Department of Defense (DoD) established DCMA as an independent combat support agency on March 27, 2000, splitting it off from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).
MONTREAL -- Quebec's new anti-poverty law aims to combat poverty and social exclusion through transforming the province over a ten-year period into "one of the industrialized societies with the least poverty".