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in a state of deep and usually prolonged unconsciousness

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That means that medical treatment can be halted for comatose patients who show no sign of brain function.
Neither group, however, is like the Casanova, who believes his sex appeal is so great that any woman, comatose or not, cannot resist him.
European researchers have reported that one such drug can rouse comatose liver-disease patients.
That's what happened to 26-year-old Cindy Boyer when, after 16 years, her comatose mom woke up and began to speak.
The disc is OK, but Sia's comatose sound was best utilized in small doses on French nod-out duo Zero 7's ``Simple Things'' album.
Four weeks later, he is found comatose in his bed with an empty vial of an unprescribed medicine on his night table.
We will now be able to assess the condition patients immediately, even when they are comatose and unable to provide a useful history or agree to a physical exam.
Or will the comatose commish end up as the real tool in all of this?
The thriller sees Jean-Baptiste as a research scientist who joins Lopez in a quest to journey into the mind of a comatose serial killer.
Comatose for a time afterward, Hamson made some improvements with physical and speech therapy, but his condition since has declined, Lt.
Richard Massey (Bill Pullman), whose daughter was recently murdered by a Satanist, whom she locates via the comatose teen's sketchy map, which also includes the uncanny replication of a drawing by Massey's daughter.
It's easy to say when we are well and only projecting our current selves into that comatose body and injured brain.
The comatose man in the room across the hall also has a visitor, Charlie (an uncredited Robin Williams), who seems to have something important to tell Rose.
Scientists with the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District examine the bugs - some dried in jars, some buzzing under nets and some rendered comatose for study.
But since a July 21 crash, his rooting squad has become a travel team, going to UCLA Medical Center to visit him - singing songs and reading words of encouragement to the comatose teenager.