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Synonyms for columnlike

having the form of a column

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Odysseus Escaping from the Cave of Polyphemos is the image on a wide mouth black-figure krater with two columnlike handles.
The main exhibition space gained its energy from a similar focus on surface and furnishings: empty aluminum shelving, tarps covered with abstract "digital paintings," and a series of columnlike vitrines with bases clad in exotic wood veneers, filled with bouquets of plastic flowers.
Girasole, Ricci's newest flatware pattern has a columnlike handle design.
The slender tube forms when the pollen grain lands on the top of the flower's columnlike style, then swells with water.
The company specializes in conceiving and constructing elaborate light installations, from the eye-popping blue fiber-optic water drops in the Dubai Metro to the more refined, columnlike chandeliers at London's Four Seasons.