columnar epithelial cell

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an epithelial cell that is shaped like a column

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Mucous cells were observed between columnar epithelial cells in the epithelial layer, and these cells exhibited vacuoles in H-E stain and Masson triple stain (Figs.
Windpipe lining This scanning electron micrograph image shows how the columnar epithelial cells (left) that line the trachea are supported by their basement membrane (right).
The thyroid follicles are lined with columnar epithelial cells with basally located round nuclei and relatively dense chromatin; the cytoplasm is granular and eosinophilic (figure 2).
The tumor was composed of tubulopapillary and cystic formations or nests of cuboidal to columnar epithelial cells that had variable nuclear polarity and cellular crowding, moderate anisokaryosis, and occasional mitotic figures.
Columnar epithelium in both the trachea and bronchiole was intact, thus providing adequate columnar epithelial cells for evaluation.