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a small column (or structure resembling a column) that is a part of a plant or animal

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Visceral oviduct very narrow, running along middle region of columellar surface of last whorl of visceral mass, located in front of pallial cavity by ~1/4 whorl (Fig.
The long penis retractor muscle originates from the columellar muscle and inserts on and/ or laterally of the penial apex, extending under the terminal portion of the vas deferens close to its entrance.
The columellar incision is then closed with 5-0 Monocryl, followed by 7-0 nylon, and the marginal incisions with 5-0 Chromic.
Wall of body whorl with deep-set, short palatal fold, together with columellar lamella discernable in aperture in oblique view (Fig.
The patient subsequently underwent open nasoseptorhinoplasty with a caudal septal extension graft, V-Y columellar lengthening, spreader grafting, and a combined dorsal strut/shield graft using costal cartilage.
Frescura & Hodgson (1992) categorized the muscle fibers of columellar muscles of six species (Bullia rhodostoma, Burnupena cincta, Haliotis spadicea, Siphonaria capensis, S.
Aperture subcircular, somewhat flattened in parietal and columellar regions; columella (at maturity) with a bulge-like swelling at its base, rarely forming a distinct tooth; interior of outer lip with up to 11 spiral lirae running into aperture (evident only in fully mature shells), one where basal portion of lip joins columella not enlarged; outer lip prosocline, not obviously thickened; interior nacreous.
14) From the two middle layers, a septal graft, dorsal nasal graft, and columellar strut were sculpted.
These conditions are clearly more reminiscent of the ancestral snail condition, with a single columellar muscle dividing into the various retractor muscle elements some distance from its point of origin within a well-developed shell.
By resecting the caudal segment and implanting it separately in a columellar pocket, surgeons have attempted to eliminate the effects of mucosal scar contracture on the membranous septum.
The evolution of the combined use of endonasal and external columellar approaches to rhinoplasty.
a parietal (angular), a labral, and a columellar process (Verdcourt's formula proposed in 1957/1962 1; 1; 0; 1); rimate or with closed umbilicus.
A conspicuous columellar scar is sometimes regarded as an inevitable consequence of the external rhinoplasty approach.
fulica Bowdich, 1822 (not found in north-eastern Mozambique so far) by the pink columellar margin.
Finally, composite drawings were made in order to show the whole complex of muscles and how it associates with the columellar muscle.