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a small column (or structure resembling a column) that is a part of a plant or animal

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Siderastrea radians exhibited hemispherical colonies, 3 complete septa cycles, septa numbering between 26-38 per corallite, deep columellar fossae, and thick septa walls and columellae (Fig.
Those samples that showed three complete septa cycles, had fewer than 34 septa per corallite, deep calices, and thick, solid columellae were identified as Siderastrea radians.
Lipidic substances are seen among the exine columellae (Fig.
gt;> in Opera Agricolationum Columellae Varronis Catonisque nec non Palladii, cam excriptionibus D.
Ectosexine thinner than endosexine, ectosexine slightly columellate, endosexine with stout and ramified columellae, both layers separated by a conspicuous internal tectum.
Ectosexine equal, thinner or thicker than endosexine, ectosexine slightly columellate or with compact aspect, endosexine with stout and ramified columellae, both layers separated by an inconspicuous or conspicuous internal tectum.
Egg guide long, thin, straight, pointed, angled upwards at about 30[degrees], arising anterior to apex of subgenital plate; columellae of postvaginal sclerite absent.
Like most members of that subfamily, it is small, montane, apterous, with a short pronotum which leaves exposed all the metathoracic and much of the mesothoracic nota; the mesosternal interspace is transverse, the male supra-anal plate is decorated with black dots, the hind foot is very long and with a very long last tarsal segment, and there are no columellae on the postvaginal sclerite.
Ustilago maydis Sori not as several cm large swellings Sori with columellae (elongated central host tissue) Sori in congested partial inflorescences (witches' brooms).
The grains are caveate, with a few narrow columellae rising from the foot layer.
Supporting this idea, Hughes and Elner (1979) report that crabs open Nucella lapillus shells that have thin columellae by snapping the inner lip, breaking the shell in half.
pollen-wall stratification in angiosperms: rectum, columellae, foot